Thursday, April 4, 2013

Phonics Cards (Short E Sound)

Two days ago I started publishing my new series of phonics flashcards with the first set dedicated to the short A sound. And here is another set of flashcards. This time they are designed to help young students remember the  short E sound [e]. This sound can be a little bit tricky for English learners because the name of the letter doesn't correspond to the sound it represents. In addition non-native English speakers can confuse letter Ee with letter Ii because in some languages such as Russian and Ukrainian, for example, there is no difference between long and short vowels and it's difficult for children to remember that the letter Ee is read as [e] and not as [i:] while the letter Ii is read as [ɪ].

This set of flashcards allows practicing in reading the short E sound. Cards №№ 13-20 contain the following phonograms: -ed, -en, -ent, -ell, -est, -et, -eg, -end. Cards №№ 21-23 present different cases of short E sound. And card № 24 contains words with the vowel digraph ea which is read as a short E sound [e].

phonics flashcards short e sound
Phonics flashcard: short e [e] sound

phonics flashcards for ESL short e sound

phonics flashcards for teaching English short e sound


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