Thursday, February 23, 2023

Printable Preposition Posters

I have designed another set of printable posters that will serve as a visual aid and decor for my classroom. These are preposition posters illustrating the usage of 6 frequently used English prepositions: on, in, at, by, for, with. Each poster is dedicated to an individual preposition and incorporates pictures and usage examples in sentences.

Printable preposition poster - English preposition on

Prepositions are one of the most confusing aspects of English for my students who learn it as a foreign language. That’s why I thought it would be nice to provide them with a clear visual representation of the proper usage of some prepositions. The posters help students better remember the preposition usage cases thanks to colorful illustrations that go along with sentence examples. It’s especially true for visual learners who prefer visuals to spoken explanations.

Printable preposition poster - English preposition in

Such printable posters can serve as a great classroom decor to an inviting and visually appealing learning environment for my students. I love decorating my classroom with unusual posters and other eye-catching stuff. And I’ll happily add these prepositions posters to my classroom decor collection.

Printable preposition poster - English preposition at

If you love the idea of displaying printable preposition posters in your classroom, you are welcome purchase them in printer-ready PDF files. You can preview all 6 posters HERE.

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