Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Autumn (Fall) Song for Children

Autumn (fall) is the season of colourful leaves. All children love walking in parks full of rich colours and pick up some crunchy leaves to put them together in a wonderful multicolour bunch. In my song I tried to convey the atmosphere of a warm autumn day as well as the children’s joy during the leaf-fall time. This autumn song and worksheets which you can find below can be used for English lessons to learn about seasons, autumn outdoor activities, and even Thanksgiving Day with kids.

Here are the song lyrics

Autumn leaves are falling,
Falling to the ground.
Autumn leaves are falling:
Yellow, red, and brown.

Falling, falling, falling
To the ground.
Falling, falling:
Yellow, red, and brown.

Pick them up and gather
In a pretty bunch,
Autumn leaves are falling
In the parks they crunch.

Falling, falling, falling
To the ground.
Falling, falling:
Yellow, red, and brown.

autumn leaves song lyrics, English song for children about autumn
Autumn leaves song lyrics

Autumn Song Karaoke Version

As always I would like to suggest making some worksheets to consolidate the autumn vocabulary.

Autumn Worksheets

Worksheet 1: This assignment helps pupils to remember the names of trees. Children should recognize what kind of trees these leaves belong to and correctly match the leaves with corresponding tree names.

trees leaves names matching worksheet, English for kids
Fall leaves worksheet

Worksheet 2: This task aims at remembering the "autumn" colours. In this case pupils should not only match colours and the corresponding words but also insert the missing letters into the words representing colours names so that they could remember well the spelling of these words.

fall colours matching worksheet, English for children
Autumn leaves worksheet

I hope these worksheets will help your children to succeed in learning the autumn vocabulary.

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