Monday, October 29, 2012

Rain Song for Kids

Autumn (Fall) is always considered to be a rainy season. Many people associate rain with a gloomy, sad weather when nobody has a desire to go outside. In my song I disagree with this opinion. The boy who is singing the song (as seen in the video below) personifies all children’s spontaneity and confidence in the future. He is happy in spite of any bad weather and any such troubles. That’s why teaching children and working close with them is an exciting and inspiring profession.

I wrote this rain song in one of such gloomy autumn days but I think it can be used also in spring and summer to learn the weather vocabulary.

I Am not Afraid of Rain
(Song Lyrics)

I am not afraid of rain,
‘Cause I have a big umbrella.
Outside the whole day
I will play in any weather.
In the rain I’m gonna walk
Let people say at home it’s better,
I will listen to the raindrops talk
Petter-patter, Petter-patter, Petter-patter.

rain song lyrics for esl children
Rain song lyrics

As always, I would like to suggest  you a few worksheets to practice rainy weather vocabulary with your own children as well as students.

Worksheet 1: In this task children should match the rain vocabulary with the corresponding pictures in order to remember words on the tipic.

rain vocabulary worksheet
Rainy Weather Vocabulary Worksheet

Worksheet 2: This assignment is also aimed at practicing the weather vocabulary spelling. Kids should find all the given words and cross them out. There is also an answer sheet for teachers.

weather vocabulary wordsearch
Rainy Weather Vocabulary Wordsearch

Rainy Weather Vocabulary Wordsearch Answers

Worksheet 3: This task is made for pupils to remember the colors. Kids are supposed to fill the gaps with the missing letters to complete the words and match the color names with corresponding umbrellas.

colors worksheet for children
Colors Matching Worksheet

I will be very happy if my ESL worksheets are usefull for your pupils. Please, feel free to write your comments below and share your ideas with me.

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