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Nature Vocabulary Worksheets

Today, I'm thrilled to share a project that I've been working on to help our young English learners expand their vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. As we all know, learning vocabulary related to nature can be both exciting and challenging for young students. That's why I've created a set of printable worksheets designed specifically to help them memorize 48 words related to nature.

Nature vocabulary chart with pictures, 48 words

Nature vocabulary words with pictures

List of Nature-Related Words

To give you an idea of the words included in this set, here's a list of the 48 nature-related words:
  1. Animals
  2. Branch
  3. Bush
  4. Cave
  5. Cloud
  6. Desert
  7. Earth
  8. Fire
  9. Flower
  10. Forest
  11. Fruits
  12. Grass
  13. Hill
  14. Ice
  15. Iceberg
  16. Island
  17. Jungle
  18. Lake
  19. Leaf
  20. Lightning
  21. Moon
  22. Moss
  23. Mountain
  24. Mushroom
  25. Ocean
  26. Planet
  27. Plants
  28. Pond
  29. Rain
  30. Rainbow
  31. River
  32. Root
  33. Sand
  34. Sea
  35. Sky
  36. Snow
  37. Soil
  38. Space
  39. Stars
  40. Stone
  41. Sun
  42. Swamp
  43. Tree
  44. Vegetables
  45. Volcano
  46. Water
  47. Waterfall
  48. Wind

Excersises for Memorizing Nature Vocabulary

The nature vocabulary worksheets feature a diverse range of exercises to cater to different learning styles and abilities. Here's what young students can expect to find:

    Nature vocabulary worksheet. Matching words to pictures.
    The nature vocabulary set includes 11 worksheet for the word-to-picture matching activity.

  • Word to picture matching: students will match words with corresponding pictures of nature-related items. This exercise helps reinforce vocabulary and visual recognition skills.

  • Nature vocabulary worksheet - unscramble words and match to pictures
    The nature vocabulary set includes 8 worksheets for the words unscrambling activity.

  • Unscrambling words and matching them to pictures: students will unscramble letters to form nature-related words and then match them to the correct pictures. This activity enhances spelling and vocabulary retention.

  • Nature vocabulary worksheet - select the correct word.
    The nature vocabulary set includes 4 worksheets for the multiple word choice activity.

  • Selecting the correct word from two options: students will choose the correct word from a pair of words to match the given picture. This exercise encourages careful reading and decision-making skills.

  • Nature vocabulary worksheet - select the correct picture.
    The nature vocabulary set includes 8 worksheets for the multiple picture choice activity.

  • Selecting the correct picture from three options: students will select the picture that matches the given word from three options. This task improves visual discrimination and vocabulary recognition.

  • Nature vocabulary worksheet - read and find activity
    The nature vocabulary set includes 8 worksheets for the read and find activity. 

  • Reading words and finding corresponding pictures: students will read nature-related words and find the corresponding pictures from a set of images. This activity reinforces word recognition and comprehension skills.

  • Nature vocabulary worksheet - fill in blanks in sentences
    The nature vocabulary set includes 4 worksheets for the fill in the blanks activity.

  • Filling in the blanks in sentences: students will complete sentences by filling in the missing nature-related words. This exercise strengthens sentence structure and vocabulary usage.

  • Nature vocabulary worksheet - writing words into letterboxes
    The nature vocabulary set includes 5 worksheets for the writing into letterboxes activity. 

  • Writing words into letterboxes: students will practice spelling by writing nature-related words into designated letterboxes based on picture clues. This task improves spelling accuracy and vocabulary recall.

  • Nature vocabulary worksheet - word search puzzle
    The nature vocabulary set includes 6 word search puzzles.

  • Word search puzzle: students will search for hidden nature-related words in a grid filled with letters. This fun activity helps improve spelling and visual scanning skills.

  • Nature vocabulary worksheet - crossword puzzle.
    The nature vocabulary set includes 4 crossword puzzles.

  • Solving crossword puzzles: students will solve crossword puzzles using clues to fill in the nature-related words. This challenging task enhances problem-solving skills and vocabulary mastery.

The variety of exercises available in this collection ensures that young students are exposed to the same set of words in various contexts. This approach helps them quickly memorize the words and retain the vocabulary in their memory for a long time, if not forever. Whether your students prefer visual matching exercises or enjoy solving puzzles, there's something for everyone in this nature vocabulary set.

I hope you find these worksheets as exciting and beneficial for your students as I do. Teaching vocabulary can be a rewarding experience, especially when we see our students' progress and enthusiasm for learning.

If you're interested in incorporating these nature vocabulary worksheets into your teaching resources, you can purchase the whole set of printable worksheets in printer-ready PDF files from my online store. Your support will help me continue creating more educational resources for our young learners.

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