Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Spring Vocabulary Worksheets

Kids are always eager to learn about nature, seasons and animals. So I’ve designed a new spring vocabulary worksheets set to help young students learn some English words reated to the spring season and have fun during English classes. This printable set includes tasks for preschool and elementary school students. There are worksheets for teaching relevant colors, letters and spring vocabulary. Children are asked to match pictures and words, choose the right answer, insert the missing letters and unscramble the words.

Here are a few worksheets included in the spring vocabulary teaching set.

Spring vocabulary worksheet for English learners

Matching picture to word worksheet - spring vocabulary

Matching colors to English words worksheet - spring vocabulary

Spring season worksheet - filling in missing letters

Unscramble words worksheet - spring vocabulary

There are also some tracing worksheets for children to trace both lines and the whole words. Preschool children can exercise in tracing straight, wavy and zigzag lines. Kindergarten and elementary school kids can improve their fine-motor skills by tracing the whole words.

Kindergarten tracing worksheet - spring season

Words tracing worksheet - spring vocabulary

The spring vocabulary set also includes a couple of reading comprehension worksheets. These are easy-to-read short stories about a bee and a ladybug. You can download the bee story and related tasks for free from this blog post. You will find another story about a cute ladybug in the full version of the spring set.

Preschool reading comprehension about a bee for ESL students

Spring coloring and reading worksheet about a bee

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