Friday, February 4, 2022

Present Continuous Reading Texts

Teaching English to young students, I do my best to offer kids interesting texts for reading. Kids do not need to be bored during English classes as boring teaching materials are bad for memorizing stuff. I try to incorporate reading into every topic we learn including grammar. I’ve always experienced problems with finding child-appealing texts for grammar topics. The recent classes dedicated to the present continuous tense (aka present progressive) showed that I badly needed a decent story with simple sentences containing this grammar structure to read with my students. So I decided to adapt one of my reading comprehension sets for my present continuous classes.

Present continuous reading

So my new present continuous reading comprehension set offers a nice and kind of suspenseful story about a “living hat” that is sure to keep kids’ attention and make the English classes memorable for them.

Present continuous text for reading at school

Present continuous tense reading

Besides vocabulary memorizing worksheets, I’ve added some present continuous tense exercises to the reading set to help students better understand the grammar concept and practice using it.

Present continuous tense reading comprehension

Present continuous vs present simple tense worksheet

Present continuous tense exercises

There is another text containing present continuous sentences which is short and simple enough to be used to introduce the grammatical tense to the youngest English learners. This one belongs to my short words reading comprehension set.

Present continuous tense reading comprehension
Learn more about the short words reading comprehension set.

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