Thursday, November 25, 2021

Adjectives Worksheets and Exercises

I’d like to show you my collection of printable worksheets that I use to teach English adjectives to young students. I have designed the whole bunch of them for my English classes where I teach kids how to recognize and use adjectives. My printable adjectives worksheet set contains 37 visually enhanced pages with little charts as well as “fill in the gaps” and matching exercises designed to help young English learners better understand the role of adjectives in the language and how their degrees of comparison are formed.

When designing the adjectives worksheets, I was adhering to my traditional way of designing EFL and ESL printables which is to incorporate as many child-appealing images as possible into worksheets. Bright pictures grab kids’ attention and make grammar exercises more fun and the time spent doing them more memorable thus boosting their learning experience. It’s especially important when teaching young students who study English as a foreign language. They need to be engaged and excited about the learning process or otherwise it would be another boring pastime for them. You can see what I mean when talking about visually enhanced worksheets if you check out the whole adjectives set in this preview.

The printable set offers kids some exercises to practice usage of English adjectives to describe objects, people and animals (including their colors, feelings and emotions) as well as making comparisons with the help of the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. Here are a few worksheets from the set that will let you better understand what kind of printables I hand out to my students when it’s time to learn adjectives.

Adjectives worksheet - English exercises for kids

Adjective matching worksheet - printable ESL meterials

Color Adjectives

Adjectives color worksheet

Color adjectives worksheet - exercise for kids

Feelings and Emotions

Adjectives feelings and emotions worksheet

Adjectives feelings and emotions exercises


Opposite adjectives worksheet

Adjective opposites worksheet for ESL students

Opposite adjectives exercise

Comparative and Superlative Exercises

Comparative adjectives exercises

Comparative adjectives worksheet

Superlative adjectives worksheet - PDF available

Comparative and superlative exercises - worksheet for kids

Superlative adjectives exercises

Comparative superlative less least exercises