Monday, January 27, 2020

Global Warming Reading Comprehension, Worksheets, Flashcards

The issue of global warming has been widely discussed at the highest governmental and scientific levels recently. The issue is indeed very serious. It threatens with a lot of negative consequences for nature and humans. We can only hope that the future generation will be more wise and inventive than us to successfully mitigate the effects of global warming. Our children’s and grandchildren’s well-being is largely dependent on how well they understand the problem and the ways to tackle it. As a teacher and a mother I simply cannot ignore the dangers of climate change caused by human-induced global warming. I ought to educate my students about the issue and the related risks they will have to face and hopefully find a solution to eliminate or reduce those risks. There are not enough teaching materials on the topic adapted for the classroom that can be found on the Internet, so I decided to create my own printable global warming kit for my English classes. The kit is based on short reading comprehension passages and also includes a few worksheets and a set of printable flashcards to be used for vocabulary introduction and discussion of the topic.

Reading Comprehension Passages

The global warming kit is built around three reading comprehension passages. The first and the largest one introduces the global warming issue in general, and the other two briefly tell about the greenhouse effect and the problem of ocean acidification caused by the increase of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. The texts are followed by questions and assignments.

Global warming reading comprehension with questions for English learners
The printable global warming kit is based around reading comprehension passages.

Global warming reading comprehension passages for ESL students - greenhouse effect, ocean acidification
Information about the greenhouse effect and ocean acidification is presented in two short reading comprehension passages.

Global Warming Worksheets

The worksheets are designed to help students memorize the important vocabulary related to global warming. The worksheets offer such assignments as filling in the blanks, sorting words, matching words to pictures, matching words to their definitions. The global warming kit also includes a crossword and a couple of word search puzzles.

Global warming vocabulary for English learners - printable worksheets
Worksheets help students memorize important vocabulary related to global warming.

Global warming vocabulary - list of words for ESL students

Global warming worksheet - word to picture matching

Global warming worksheet - fill in the gaps and other tasks

Global warming crossword - printable worksheets for English learners

Global warming word search puzzle - printable worksheets for ESL and EFL students

Global Warming Flashcards

There are 78 colorful printable flashcards in my global warming kit. They are great to introduce the key vocabulary on the topic as well as for discussing the problem of global warming in the classroom. Picture-based flashcards help students better understand such concepts as greenhouse effect, ozone layer, fossil fuels etc. The flashcards are color coded – they are designed with frames of different colors. The black-framed flashcards depict negative concepts such as air pollution, sea level rise, deforestation, flood, drought, wildfire etc. The blue flashcards demonstrate mostly things related to nature such as Earth, ocean, water, snow, rain, glacier as well as a few species that are endangered by climate change. The green flashcards show things and concepts that can be used to curb the negative effects of global warming: renewable energy, wind power, forest, electric car etc.

Printable global warming flashcards for English classes
Printable flashcards help students better visualize and comprehend important concepts related to global warming.

Printable global warming flashcards for English lessons
Flashcards are color-coded to point out positive and negative things and concepts in the context of global warming and its effects.

Animals endangered by global warming and resulting climate change - printable ESL flashcards
The set of printable flashcards includes a few featuring animals that are endangered by global warming and resulting climate change.

I hope that my fellow English teachers will enjoy using my printable reading comprehension passages, worksheets and flashcards dedicated to the problem of global warming. Teaching this crucial topic is our obligation as educators whose goal is to bring up new generations of people who are smart and educated enough to save the planet we are living on.