Monday, July 29, 2013

Deep in the Ocean, Deep in the Sea - Song for Kids

Summer is a wonderful time for relaxing somewhere at the seaside or on an ocean beach. Children love having fun and playing on the sand and in the water. But the most fascinating thing about sea is the underwater world with all amazing sea creatures and seaweeds. That’s why I've created a song entitled "Deep in the Ocean, Deep in the Sea" for your children or young students to learn the ocean animals vocabulary and admire the life under the sea. This song can be useful for teaching English as the second language to children of all ages. Preschool and kindergarten kids can enrich their knowledge about the sea by learning the names of sea animals and training their spelling in English while primary school children can improve their English speaking skills by doing the different tasks that I would like to share with you in this and some future posts.

In this post you can find the song lyrics, some flashcards featuring sea animals and other vocabulary from the song as well as a few sea-related games for kids.

Here are the lyrics of the “Deep in the Ocean, Deep in the Sea” song:

Deep in the ocean
Deep in the sea
Life is a miracle
For you and me!
Surface is calm
But there, in the depth
Watery secrets are kept.

Deep in the ocean
Fish swim in schools,
Life’s full of motion,
Life is so cool.
Deep in the ocean
Sea animals live
With them
I would like to swim.

Whales and dolphins,
Jellyfish, squids,
Seahorses hiding
In brown seaweeds.
An octopus stretching
Its tentacles fast,
And turtles,
And terrible sharks.

And there on the bottom
On yellowish rags
Lobsters are walking
Along with some crabs.
Starfish are beautiful,
Shrimps slowly glide,
And oysters keep treasures inside.

In addition to the song I've also designed two sets of sea animals flashcards. The first set contains flashcards with both pictures and words. The second set includes cards only with pictures while the words are placed on individual cards. You should cut out the flashcards and the words to use them while playing different sea and ocean vocabulary games. Besides, I've made some flashcards with sea animals not mentioned in the song to expand children's knowledge on the topic even more.

The first set of sea animals flashcards (with words)

sea animals flashcards for children
Sea animals flashcards with words

ocean animals flashcards for children

sea animals flashcards for esl teaching

sea animals flashcards for learning english

The second set of sea animals flashcards (no words)

sea animals flashcards for esl
Sea animals flashcards without words

sea animals flashcards for teaching english

sea animals flashcards without words

sea animals flashcards for learning esl

sea animals flashcards with words
Words to use with sea animals flashcards

words to use with sea animals flashcards

Sea Animals Bingo Game

If you would like to kindle your pupils’ interest in learning a foreign language, it would be a good idea to use all kinds of engaging games during your lessons. And here is a wonderful Bingo game with all the words given on the flashcards. Simply cut out the pictures or the words and have fun playing the game.

sea animals bingo game
Sea animals bingo game

ocean animals bingo

I hope my song and flashcards will be useful for your English teaching activities. In my next post I'll share some worksheets based on this sea song lyrics and featuring the sea life vocabulary. Good luck with teaching!

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