Saturday, June 15, 2013

Phonics Cards (Short O Sound)

Today I would like to share my new set of phonics flashcards and this time with the short sound [ɔ]. This set consists of 12 cards covering the following cases:

Cards №№ 45-52 include the following phonograms: -og, -ot, -op, -ob, -od, -ong, -ock, qua-. Card № 53 contains words where the short sound [ɔ] occurs in the middle of a word. Card № 54 presents words with this sound in the beginning. There are cases of the “wa” letter combination on card № 55. And card № 56 demonstrates the short [ɔ] sound in the vowel digraph au.

phonics flashcards short o sound
Phonics flashcard: short [ɔ] sound

phonics flashcards for esl short o sound

phonics flashcards for learning english short o sound

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  1. You saved my teacher's life. )))))))) Thanks a lot for this incredible set.