Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ocean Animals Worksheets

Following my previous post dedicated to the “Deep in the Ocean, Deep in the Sea” song, I would like to continue sharing some printable teaching materials complimenting the song. In this post I offer you, my fellow English teachers, a few worksheets on the marine life. As usual I suggest using my worksheets while learning the vocabulary related to sea and marine animals using the lyrics of my song which you can find in the video below.

Handwriting Worksheets

This time I prepared some assignments for fine motor skills training. There are four sea animals handwriting worksheets where children must trace and write the words which occur in the song. The first worksheet contains such words as ocean, deep, blue, cool, water, diver, swim.

sea animals trace words handwriting worksheet
Sea animals handwriting worksheet

The other worksheets help develop handwriting skills and memorize the spelling of such marine animals as fish, jellyfish, starfish, sea, seahorse, seaweed, seal; whale, walrus, octopus, turtle, squid, shark, shrimp; dolphin, crab, coral, lobster, oyster, eel, ray. The words are distributed between the worksheets in such a way so that kids could see and compare cognates or words with the same letters or phonemes.

ocean animals trace words handwriting worksheet

sea animals trace words writing worksheet for learning english

sea animals esl handwriting worksheet

In addition I’ve made a blank ocean animals handwriting worksheet in case if you want to suggest other words or simply letters for your pupils to train writing skills.

sea animals handwriting paper
Sea animals handwriting paper

Vocabulary Worksheets

I've also created some free printable worksheets for kindergarten and primary school English learners.

Worksheet 1 and 2: Children are supposed to match the sea animals with their corresponding names in English. Please, note that in the first worksheet I offer the simplest words while there is more difficult vocabulary in the second one.

sea animals vocabulary matching activity
Sea animals vocabulary matching worksheet

ocean animals vocabulary matching worksheet

Worksheet 3: The following assignment requires children to insert the missing letters into the given words. This helps young students not only memorize the vocabulary but also spelling of the words.

sea animals vocabulary insert the missing letters worksheet
Missing letters inserting worksheet (sea animals vocabulary and spelling)

Worksheet 4: This task gives pupils the opportunity to become teachers for a moment. Children must carefully search for mistakes in all the misspelled words, correct them and then match with the corresponding pictures. The assignment is rather difficult, that's why you should suggest it to pupils at the final stage of vocabulary acquisition.

ocean animals vocabulary correct the mistakes in misspelled words worksheet
Misspelled words worksheet

Worksheet 5: This activity suggests working with simple sentences. Kids are asked to read sentences and accordingly chose the right picture from the three options. This task seems to be easy and can be offered even to kindergarten children.

sea animals vocabulary esl worksheet
Sea animals vocabulary worksheet (matching sentences with images)

Worksheet 6: This worksheet covers Present Simple Tense and is based on the "Deep in the Ocean, Deep in the Sea" song lyrics. The idea is to match sea animals names with the actions they can do in the sea according to the song. In the first part of the assignment the sentences must be written in the plural form, and in the second part they must be put into the singular form with all the necessary changes.

sea animals vocabulary make sentences in  present simple worksheet
Sea animals action worksheet

ocean animals vocabulary make sentences esl worksheet

Worksheet 7: In this assignment pupils must read the sentences based on the lyrics of the song and decide whether these sentences are true or false. If a sentence is true it must be rewritten on the corresponding line, and if a sentence is false kids must write its correct variant. This task aims at improving children's speaking and writing skills as well as the ability to find necessary information in the text.

sea animals vocabulary true or false worksheet
True or false worksheet

Worksheet 8: This task suggests creating pupils' own composition about the sea life. They must remember as many facts as they can based on the song lyrics and their prior knowledge on the topic. I recommend writing all the sentences in the Present Simple Tense to strengthen skills acquired while learning this tense.

sea animals composition worksheet
Sea animals composition worksheet

I hope my printable sea life vocabulary activities will be useful for teaching your English students and your own children. Good luck in teaching!

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