Monday, August 26, 2013

Phonics Cards (Short U Sound)

This is the last post with my short sound phonics cards. This time it's the short [ʌ] sound. The set consists of 16 phonics cards for reading and practicing this sound.

Сards №№ 57-67 include such phonograms as -un, -ut, -ug, -um, -ub, ud, -up, -uck, -unk, -ump, -ust. Card № 68 presents some cases where the letter Uu is read as [ʌ] in the middle of the word, while card № 69 contains words with the same sound occurring in the beginning of the words. Card № 70 has words where the letter Oo is read as [ʌ], and cards №№ 71-72 introduce reading rules for vowel digraphs oo and ou.

phonics flashcards for ESL short u sound
Phonics flashcard: short [ʌ] sound

phonics flashcards for kids short u sound

flashcards for learning english phonics short u sound

English phonics flashcards short u sound



  1. I would like to buy your set of vowel and consonant sound cards in pdf, how it'll be delivered when I pay for my order? It'll be sent on my email?

    1. Yes, you will receive an email message with a link to the downloadable file.

  2. I will like to buy the set of printable cards

    1. Please, follow the links in the article to do so.

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    1. Please, follow this link: