Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Clip Art for Teachers: Forest Animals

When educating kids lots of teachers add visuals to their teaching materials. It's kind of important because little children learn things about the world mostly from visual perception of objects around them. It is not always possible to show real physical objects or living beings in the classroom, and describing them with mere words without showing at least a simple picture may be a futile attempt to teach something to little ones. Necessity of visual materials like clip art and flashcards is a fact of life for preschool teachers like myself. After all pictures are a great fun for children and having fun during lessons with small kids is a key to the educational success. Unfortunately, not all my fellow teachers and parents can draw and use graphic editing software or have high quality clip art available for them free of charge. That's why I decided to share some free educational clip art I have in my teacher's collection. In my first post related to clip art I would like to share a few cute cartoon images drawn by my husband for my forest animals song video.

My husband is not a big artist but at least he can draw better than I can and his drawings are just good enough to be used for my English lessons with kindergarten kids. You too can use these kid-appealing pictures for creating your own worksheets, flashcards, posters, games, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, homework pages, school websites and other teachers' stuff to make your lessons and overall teaching activities more informative, engaging and fruitful.

Well, as I said in this first clip art post I offer my fellow educators some royalty free pictures of funny looking cartoon forest animals including bear, beaver, bird, butterfly, deer, fox, frog, hare, hedgehog, mole, snake, squirrel, and wolf.

cute cartoon wolf clip art
Cartoon wolf clip art

cute cartoon fox clip art for esl
Cartoon fox clip art

cute cartoon hedgehog clip art for learning english
Cartoon hedgehog clip art

cute cartoon beaver clip art for teachers
Cartoon beaver clip art

funny cartoon frog clip art for classroom
Cartoon frog clip art

cute cartoon bear clip art for teaching kids
Cartoon bear clip art

cartoon snake clip art
Cartoon snake clip art

cute cartoon bird clip art for teachers
Cartoon bird clip art

funny cartoon butterfly clip art for kids
Cartoon butterfly clip art

cute cartoon deer clip art for esl
Cartoon deer clip art

cute cartoon squirrel clip art
Cartoon squirrel clip art

funny cartoon hare clip art
Cartoon hare clip art

funny cartoon mole clip art for teaching english
Cartoon mole clip art

I hope my cute cartoon forest animals clip art will be useful for your lessons at home or at the classroom.

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  1. Your hedgehog art and animal art is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.