Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Parts of the Body - Printable Board Game

We have designed another printable board game to help our young students learn English vocabulary through a fun activity. This one is designed to learn and properly memorize English names of parts of the human body.

This printable dice game features 36 human body parts images and word cards. The vocabulary to be learned includes the following words: arm, back, belly, buttocks, calf, cheek, chest, chin, ear, elbow, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, face, finger, fingernail, foot, forehead, hair, hand, head, heel, knee, leg, lip, mouth, neck, nose, palm, shoulder, throat, thumb, toe, tongue, tooth, wrist.

Parts of the body game
The printable board game helps students learn 36 names of human body parts in English. You can find the game rules below.

Parts of the body game - images board - printable English learning resources
An image-based board for the body parts game.

Parts of the body game - word cards - printable board game
Word cards for the body parts game.

Human body parts game - word board - printable dice game for EFL and ESL students
A word-based board for the body parts game.

Body parts game - images cards - printable dice game for EFL and ESL students
Picture cards for the body parts game.

We are going to create a series of printable board games for a variety of topics that our fellow EFL and ESL teachers are welcome to use for their English classes too. All these games will have the same rules which go like this:

  1. Players roll the dice to see who goes first. The player who rolls the largest number goes first.
  2. Players roll the dice once on each turn and cover a space accordingly with the correct body part card. Skip spaces that are already covered.
  3. The player who covers a space with a wrong vocabulary card must skip his/her next turn.
  4. When players reach the last space, they resume the game from the start until all spaces are covered with vocabulary cards.
  5. The player who covers the last uncovered space wins.

Here is a list of the board games that our small team of two EFL teachers has already created and published on this blog:


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