Monday, March 23, 2020

Irregular Verbs Game

I remember the days when I was studying English irregular verbs at school. It was… well… boring to say the least. The concept of irregular verbs sounds weird to non-native speakers. All those irregular verbs lists and tables that many textbooks and dictionaries offer look intimidating to school kids. No wonder children have a hard time memorizing these verbs and their forms. Many grammar exercises designed to teach kids how to use irregular verbs do not boost young students’ memory either. Because all too often they are as boring as the long lists and tables in the textbooks. So I decided to add a little bit of fun into learning irregular verbs by offering my young students a printable board game. This irregular verbs game makes it easier for kids to memorize these special words and their forms thanks to lots of visually-appealing pictures and competitiveness of a game.

I have designed three printable game boards with some variations for kids to better memorize irregular verbs through a fun and visually enhanced activity. In my opinion, gamification is one of the best teaching methods to boost kids’ memory. This board game helps students memorize more than 80 English irregular verbs. Here are pictures of one of the game boards and its variations.

Printable irregular verbs game for English learners - dice game for ESL and EFL students

Irregular verbs game - printable resources for EFL and ESL teachers
The first irregular verbs game board and its variations.

Printable irregular verbs board game - word cards

Irregular verbs game - printable board game for English learners

Irregular verbs board game cards

Printable irregular verbs board game

Irregular verbs game picture cards

Irregular verbs board game - printable ESL resources

Printable picture cards for Irregular verbs game

The game rules are simple:

  1. Players roll the dice to see who goes first. The player who rolls the largest number goes first.
  2. Players roll the dice once on each turn and cover a space accordingly with the correct irregular verb card. Skip spaces that are already covered.
  3. The player who covers a space with a wrong card must skip his/her turn.
  4. When players reach the last space, they resume the game from the start until all spaces are covered with cards.
  5. The player who covers the last uncovered space wins.

The three printable game boards feature the following irregular verbs that kids can memorize while playing: bear, beat, become, begin, bite, blow, break, bring, build, burn, buy, catch, choose, come, cost, cut, dig, dive, draw, dream, drink, drive, eat, fall, feed, feel, fight, find, fly, forbid, freeze, get, give, go, grow, hang, have, hear, hide, hit, hold, hurt, know, lead, learn, learn , leave, lie, make, pay, put, read, ride, ring, run, say, see, sell, send, sew, shake, shoot, show, sing, sink, sit, sleep, smell, speak, spend, spread, stand, steal, sweep, swim, swing, take, teach, tell, think, throw, win, write.

Irregular verbs game - printable ESL worksheets and other resources
My irregular verbs game has 3 boards with different variations to learn more than 80 irregular verbs.

My fellow EFL and ESL teachers are welcome to buy the high resolution printer-ready irregular verbs game boards and cards in the PDF format. I have an A3 paper format file and a file that offers A4 paper format sheets that can be glued together to make up large A3 format sheets. The latter format is for those teachers who have no access to the equipment for printing on A3 paper sheets.

This irregular verbs game is one of the series of printable board games designed to learn English vocabulary in a fun way. Here is a list of similar games that have already been published on this blog so far:


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