Thursday, September 17, 2020

Indefinite Articles Worksheets: A or An?

Indefinite articles a and an are one of the first grammar concepts my young students learn about in my English classes. It’s not an easy concept for them to comprehend as their native language does not have articles at all. The need to use different articles depending on the first sound of the following word does not make the concept easier for my elementary school students. That’s why we have to pay a special attention to English articles and practice their usage. And to make it more fun, I have designed 15 printable worksheets to organize initial practice activities for the kids.

As usual, I used a lot of child-appealing pictures to design these a/an articles worksheets. Not only do they help students better understand the grammar concept and practice usage of indefinite articles, they also help them memorize some useful words and expand their English vocabulary.

Indefinite articles a-an worksheet
Students need to write the correct indefinite articles (a or an) on this worksheet.
English indefinite articles - a and an - worksheet

A or an English articles worksheet for ESL students

a-an worksheet - English indefinite articles

a, an or nothing worksheet to practice indefinite articles
On this worksheet students need to write the correct indefinite articles (a or an) or leave a blank space for zero article cases.

Indefinite articles worksheet - exercises for elementary students

A, an exercises worksheets to learn English articles for beginners
If you like these indefinite articles worksheets, you are welcome to buy all 15 of them in a high resolution printer-friendly PDF file.

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