Monday, December 17, 2012

Arctic Animals Song for Children

Winter is the most wonderful season, especially when you are a child. I think all children look forward to the winter coming so that they can play in the snowy fairytale. Many kids even dream of the fascinating trip to the North country covered with deep snow to see Santa Clause, reindeer and elves on the Christmas Eve.

When the holidays are over we can continue exploring this marvelous land with deep snowdrifts, huge icebergs in the frozen sea and the magic shining of Northern Lights. Children can also learn what animals live there and how they can survive in the environmental conditions which seem to be harsh for human beings.

All these things you can find in my song “Far away in the Arctic” which will help your children to discover this fantastic land.

Far away in the Arctic

Here are the song lyrics

Every time winter comes
And days are getting short
I remember the Arctic land
Somewhere in the North
At the pole it’s freezing cold
There’re neither flowers nor trees
Only icebergs made of ice and snow
Floating in the sea.

Far away in the Arctic
On the top of the world
Miles and miles of frozen sea
The wind is bitter cold.
Far away in the Arctic
Northern Lights
Shining brightly in the sky
All through the night.

This remote icy land
Is the home for noisy seals,
Reindeer and walruses
With tusks and chubby cheeks,
Small and hardy arctic foxes
With the warmest coat,
Strong and bold polar bears,
The rulers of the North.

Far away in the Arctic
On the top of the world
Miles and miles of frozen sea
The wind is bitter cold.
Far away in the Arctic
Northern Lights
Shining brightly in the sky
All through the night.

Arctic Animals Worksheets

To practice the Arctic vocabulary I would like to offer you the Arctic Animals Adventure Pack of worksheets and activities which was specially designed for young learners of English as a second language to help them penetrate deeply into the language while exploring the far away land in the North. The assignments are based on the lyrics of the Arctic Animals Song, but you can use them in any discussion about winter and the Arctic. You can download the preview here.

The educational pack includes a variety of worksheets for different levels of language proficiency. Using these worksheets, children will have the opportunity:

  • to practice in spelling and writing;
  • to develop the skills of scanning the English text to find the necessary information;
  • to learn the English sentences building rules;
  • to develop the ability of creating their own expressions in English based on their thoughts and ideas.

There are also flashcards, coloring pages and interesting games you can find in the pack. Please contact me if you would like to purchase this pack as well as the mp3 of the Arctic Animals song (including the version without vocal).

Also, I would like to share some free Arctic animals worksheets from the above mentioned educational pack.

For preschool children there are some coloring pages where they can color the North animals as well as their names that will help them to remember the spelling. There is a polar bear, a seal, an arctic fox, a walrus and, of course, a reindeer.

polar bear coloring
Polar Bear Coloring Page

arctic fox coloring for kids
Arctic Fox Coloring Page

reindeer christmas coloring
Reindeer Coloring Page

walrus north animals coloring
Walrus Coloring Page

seal arctic animals coloring
Seal Coloring Page

There are also Arctic animals flashcards for using while playing different vocabulary games.

arctic animals english flashcards
Arctic Animals Flashcards

For Kindergarten English pupils I prepared some worksheets which aim at practicing upper and lower case letters as well as the Arctic animals names spelling. To encourage little learners to penetrate into the beauty of the English language I always try to design my worksheets in such a way so that children can not only fulfill the given assignment mechanically but also can imagine themselves in the certain circumstances and help different characters to overcome all the difficulties.

Worksheet 1:In this task children should help the Arctic animals find their lost snowflakes by determining the correspondence between letters and sounds of the English language and matching correctly the North animals with the letters they begin with.

north animals matching worksheet
North Animals Matching Worksheet

Worksheet 2: In this assignment polar animals are looking for their Christmas trees. The animals have upper case letters they begin with. There are lower case letters on the Christmas trees. Children should find out what Christmas tree belongs to the certain animal and match the letters. In addition they can color the animals.

north animals christmas matching worksheet
North Animals Christmas Worksheet

Worksheet 3: This task is similar to the previous one, but it’s not connected with Christmas. Children should also match upper and lower case letters while feeding seals.

arctic animals matching upper and lower case letters worksheet
Arctic Animals Matching Worksheet

Worksheet 4: This task aims at practicing North animals spelling. Pupils should find out what letters are missing in the word, insert these letters and then match the word with the corresponding picture.

north animals spelling worksheet
Arctic Animals Spelling Worksheet

I am sure your children will love the Arctic nature and animals and my song and worksheets will help them admire this wonderful land even more and, of course, learn English language.

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  1. Nice song. I showed this video to my kids and they really liked the song. They even learned some lines and is trying to learn the complete song. Thanks !
    animation songs for kids

  2. I so appreciate you sharing these ideas which I use in speech and language therapy.