Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Fun Song for Kids (+ Flashcards)

Hurray! Christmas season has come! It is the most loved and exciting time of the year that requires an intensive preparation. All children must know what is needed to feel a special and unique atmosphere of Christmas. But if you are still not sure what one needs for a fun holiday, my Christmas Fun Song for kids will certainly help you out. Just listen carefully!

Here are the Christmas Fun Song lyrics

What Do You Need for Christmas Fun?

What do you need for Christmas fun,
Christmas fun, Christmas fun?
What do you need for Christmas fun
On this frosty Christmas day?

A pail of sand?
An Easter egg?
A motor boat
Or an ice-cream cone?

No! No! No! No! No!

A holly wreath,
A jolly reindeer,
Christmas cookies
A row of stockings,
Christmas tree,
Lots of gifts,
Outside we are caroling.

What do you need for Christmas fun,
Christmas fun, Christmas fun?
What do you need for Christmas fun
On this frosty Christmas day?

A watermelon?
A big umbrella?
A birthday cake?
A farmer rake?

No! No! No! No! No!

Santa’s sleigh,
Some merry elves,
Silver bells,
Candy canes,
Many friends to sing and play.

esl christmas fun song lyrics
ESL Christmas fun song lyrics

Christmas Flashcards

There are two large sets of flashcards for your pupils to memorize the song vocabulary. The first set includes flashcards with pictures and words together. The second one includes flashcards with only pictures while words are on individual smaller cards. In addition all the words are given in their singular and plural forms for practicing the English plurals. You can use this set for different lexical games during your English lessons.

The first set of flashcards with words

christmas flashcards
Christmas Fun Song Flashcards

christmas fun song flashcards

christmas flashcards for learning english

christmas esl flashcards

christmas flashcards for teaching english

christmas stuff flashcards

English language christmas flashcards

christmas flashcards for kids

The first set of flashcards with words on the separate cards

English language christmas stuff flashcards
Christmas stuff flashcards

elt christmas flashcards

English preschool christmas flashcards

English kindergaten christmas flashcards

English teaching christmas flashcards

esl for kids christmas flashcards

English christmas flashcards for children

English children christmas flashcards

words for esl christmas flashcards
Words for Christmas flashcards

words for christmas flashcards for learning English

To remember all the words related to Christmas in the song, I suggest that сhildren do the following assignment:

Worksheet: Kids should insert the missing letters and match the words with the corresponding images using the worksheet below in order to help a little elf make necessary Christmas preparations. This task aims at practicing spelling and learning the holiday vocabulary.

Christmas vocabulary esl worksheet
Christmas vocabulary esl worksheet

I hope this song will help your children have fun and study English while celebrating Christmas.

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  1. Lovely Song. I show this song to my little kids and they really enjoy listening it. They had great fun. Moreover, they learned this song. :-)
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