Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crochet Vegetables

After I created my “Vegetables Song” I thought it would be a great idea to offer an educational kit to go with the song. I love crocheting and I’ve got an idea to create a series of handmade vegetables which I would gladly sell to teachers, mothers or anyone who loves crocheted toys.

I thought that creating tangible child-appealing toys accompanying my song videos, experience sharing and images I create for my articles here would be a unique and attention-grabbing feature of my blog. You can see pictures of my crochet vegetables below. They are available for purchase for only $150  for the entire set of 11 crochet toys that can be used both for education and decoration purposes.

All the vegetables are made of high quality hypoallergenic acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester fiberfill, so it is easily washable by hand and even machine washable on the delicate program. They are safe for your children and pets because they have no small parts to choke with. I crocheted these toys using my original pattern. Please, pay attention that since these toys are hand-crafted items your vegetables may be a little different in measurements and color from those in the picture.

This set of crocheted vegetables includes all the veggies mentioned in my Garden song, and namely:

  • carrot
  • cabbage
  • tomato
  • potato
  • pumpkin
  • cucumber
  • eggplant
  • corn
  • onion
  • beet
  • pepper

crochet vegetables
The set of 11 crocheted vegetables

crochet carrot
Crochet carrot (length 10cm (4 in.), diameter 3cm (1,2 in.))

crochet cabbage
Crochet cabbage (length 9cm (3,5 in.) , diameter without leaves 7,5cm (3 in.))

crochet tomato
Crochet tomato(length 5,5 cm (2,2 in.) , diameter 5,5 cm (2,2 in.) )

crochet potato
Crochet potato (length 8,5 cm (3,5 in.), diameter 5,5 cm (2,2 in.) )

crochet pumpkin
Crochet pumpkin (6 cm (2,5 in.) tall (without stem), diameter 12 cm (4,7 in.) )

crochet cucumber
Crochet cucumber (length 10cm (4 in.), diameter 3cm (1,2 in.))

crochet eggplant
Crochet eggplant (length without stem 10 cm (4 in.), diameter 6 cm (2,5 in.))

crochet corn
Crochet corn (length 14 cm (5,5 in.), diameter 4cm (1,8 in.))

crochet onion
Crochet onion (6 cm (2,5 in.) tall (without leaves), diameter 5,5 cm (2,2 in.) )

crochet beet
Crochet beet (length without leaves 8,5 cm (3,4 in.), diameter 5,5 cm (2,2 in.))

crochet pepper
Crochet pepper (length without stem 10,5 cm (4,2 in.), diameter 4,5 cm (1,8 in.))

This set is made to order and requires at least 2 weeks to create. If you would like to get your vegetables faster, to change some colors and sizes or to order some other vegetables, please contact me by email ( or leave your comments below and we’ll discuss your desires in more details. Also you are welcome to ask any questions regarding these and other crocheted products of mine.


  1. These veggies are awesome! I was interested in crocheting them myself for my daughter. Are the patterns available?

    1. Hi Gia.
      I have the patterns sketched on a notebook. But I can turn them into a good-looking printable PDF file if you are willing to pay for this job. The price for 11 patters would be $30 or $3 per a single pattern. Please, let me know if you are interested. See the “Contact Me” link below the blog banner at the top to send me an email if you wish.

  2. WOW! its amazing! Indeed, incredible veggie and well created vegetable songs for kids. I am impressed very much. Thank you!
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  3. I would love to buy the pattern for the corn.

  4. I would LOVE to buy the pattern for the crochet corn..Does anyone have a link as to where I can buy this at ?

  5. I have been trying to order the corn pattern. NO ONE has gotten in touch with me. No order links nothing.. SOMEONE please contact me..