Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Song about Merry Frosty Days

Winter calls us to spend a great time in a snowy fairy-tale. During frosty winter days children have a great opportunity to play in the snow making a snowman or building a snow fortress. I have written this wonderful winter song for you to feel the atmosphere of joy, fun and happiness in spite of cold wind and low temperature.

The following ESL materials will help you make your own English lesson plan based on the specific vocabulary related to winter activities. I can offer you:

  • Flashcards with winter activities;
  • A worksheet with song lyrics;
  • Some worksheets to activate winter vocabulary.

In The Snow. Song for Kids

Winter time has come,
Let’s go and have some fun,
In the snow we can play
The whole frosty day.

In the snow we can sleigh,
We can ski, we can play with snowballs,
In the snow we can skate,
We can run, we can ride a snowboard.
Winter time has come!
We are ready for some fun!

Here is a worksheet with song lyrics I created for you:

ESL winter activity song lyrics
Winter activity song lyrics

Here are some flashcards to remember snow activities:

winter activities flashcards
Winter activities flashcards

snow activities flashcard, English for kids
Winter activities flashcards

I've also made a worksheet for your little students to learn winter vocabulary. You can find them here.

winter vocabulary worksheet, match words
ESL Winter vocabulary worksheet
I hope my song and worksheets will be useful for your little English learners.