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Fruits and Berries Worksheets

Following my previous post dedicated to my Fruits and Berries Song I'm happy to offer you another series of worksheets for children learning English as their second language. You can use these printable assignments as complementary teaching materials to be used with the song in order to practice and memorize the topic vocabulary.

Handwriting Worksheets

Development of children's fine motor skills is one of the main goals to be achieved by preschool and kindergarten teachers. That's why I've made some printable assignments for children to practice their handwriting skills as well as to memorize spelling of English words for fruits, berries and some other vocabulary based on the song. There are three worksheets containing such words as tree, leaf, bush, branch, apple, pear, plum, apricot, peach, melon, cherry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, sun, summer, garden, fruit, basket, boy, girl.

fruit berries handwriting worksheet
Fruits and berries handwriting worksheet

fruit berries worksheet developing fine motor skills

fruit berries handwriting worksheet for esl

In addition I've created a blank printable handwriting worksheet in case you might want to suggest other words or letters for practicing fine motor skills during your lessons.

fruit berries handwriting sheet of paper
Blank fruits and berries handwriting paper

Vocabulary Worksheets

Worksheet 1: To complete this task children must identify what letter the names of given fruits begin with and match the letters with the corresponding pictures of fruits or berries. This task is rather easy to do, so it can be offered even to little preschool kids.

fruits berries matching pictures with corresponding letter worksheet
Fruits and berries matching letters with pictures worksheet

Worksheet 2: This assignment helps children remember numbers and figures from 1 to 10. Kids must count the fruits on the worksheet and match them with the corresponding number. The quantity of fruits and berries in the picture is based on the Fruits and Berries Song lyrics, therefore the worksheet can be used to both better memorize the lyrics and learn numbers in English.

fruits and berries counting worksheet for esl
Fruits and berries counting worksheet

Worksheet 3: This assignment is also very simple as I have selected the simplest and the most commonly used words for this worksheet. Children are supposed to read the names of fruits and then choose and circle the right picture. This task aims at training reading, spelling and fine motor skills.

berries and fruits vocabulary worksheet
Fruits and berries vocabulary worksheet: choosing the right picture

Worksheet 4: This worksheet offers a little more difficult task than the previous one because there are more multiple-syllable words here and their spelling would require some practicing. Just like with Worksheet 3 pupils must read the words and match them with the corresponding pictures.

fruits and berries matching pictures and words vocabulary worksheet
Fruits and berries vocabulary worksheet

Worksheet 5: The following worksheet suggests recognizing missing letters in words, inserting these letters and then matching the complete words with their corresponding pictures of fruits and berries. This task is rather complicated because kids must know the spelling of these words well to make it right.

berries and fruits worksheet inserting missing letters
Fruits and berries worksheet: inserting missing letters

Worksheet 6: This task helps children learn to distinguish between fruits and berries. Pears, peaches, apricots, apples and plums are fruits here, while strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and cherries are berries. Children must recognize and tell fruits and a berries apart, match them with the corresponding basket, and then write down the names of the given fruits and berries under the baskets.

fruits and berries vocabulary worksheet for children
Selecting fruits and berries worksheet

Worksheet 7: The Fruits and Berries Song lyrics give a wonderful opportunity to talk about plurals with your students. There are some interesting examples of forming the plural form of such nouns as strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, bush, branch, leaf. This task will help you draw children's attention to these words so that they could remember their plural form spelling. Kids must recollect the English plurals rules and write the right plural form of words on the lines.

fruit and berries plural form grammar worksheet
Fruits and berries worksheet: making the plural form

Worksheet 8: This printable fruits and berries worksheet includes two tasks. At first children must make as many sentences as they can describing fruits and berries using the chart and write down these sentences on the lined fields of the second worksheet. The next assignment requires transforming the existing sentences into the plural form making all the necessary grammatical changes.

describing fruits and berries printable worksheet
Fruits and berries describing worksheet

describing fruit assignment for esl
Fruits and berries worksheet: making plural sentences

Worksheet 9: This worksheet helps not only remember the spelling of different yummy dishes made with fruits and berries but also develop creativity, thinking and speaking skills. Children must insert the missing letters into the names of dishes and match them with the corresponding pictures. Then you can encourage pupils to speak on this topic, ask them to name their favorite dishes and maybe even offer them to cook these dishes together in the classroom.

cooking with fruits worksheet for learning english
Cooking with fruits and berries worksheet: inserting the missing letters

I hope that this series of worksheets will help you enjoy your teaching activity even more as well as stimulate your children to generate out of the box ideas and make their learning a foreign language total fun.

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