Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Phonics Flashcards (Long U Vowel)

Today I would like to share the last set of long vowel sound phonics flashcards series .
This set consists of cards with the long sound u.

Cards №№ 117-120 contain phonograms u, ui, ie, eau, ue, ew which give the long vowel sound [juː].
Cards №№ 121-128 present phonograms oo, o, u, ew, ue, ou, oe, ui which give the sound []

esl phonics flashcards long u sound
Phonics flashcard: long u sound

english phonics flashcards long u sound

english for kids phonics flashcards long u sound



  1. You are amazing!
    Thank you very much.

    However, I can't find [u:] sound from 125 to 128. Please tell me :)

  2. Yes, it seems that I have missed this card in the post. Thanks for letting me know. I'll add it later. By the way, it's available in the PDF version.

    1. Where is the PDF ,, please I can't find it

  3. how many phonics card do you have? In only found up to no.132

  4. Hi. At the moment the complete set of printable phonics flashcards has 152 vowel sound cards and 124 consonant sound cards.

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