Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Phonics Flashcards (Consonants Bb, Cc and Ff)

My printable phonics flashcards proved to be quite popular among ESL teachers from all over the world. No wonder. English is considered to be a tough language to read. There are too many exceptions to spelling and pronunciation rules, so lots of kids who study English as their second language find it challenging to learn reading in English. My phonics flashcards are designed to point out some spelling patterns and corresponding sounds. These cards are helpful both for teachers and students as they present some example words that should be introduced to students to help them understand how the same letters can make different sounds in English words depending on their place in the word and the adjacent letters. All the words presented in the flashcards are easy to read and memorize as I have selected some of the most frequently used ones for each case.

Till today I had only completed flashcards for vowel sounds, however I took some time to work on consonant phonics too, so a set of English consonant flashcards is ready now. There are 124 flashcards in the consonant set. I’ll be posting all of them here in my blog over the time. If you need them right now, you are welcome to purchase them in a printer-friendly PDF document. The document has high resolution flashcards images for easy and high quality printing. Just follow the links above to make a purchase in my store.

In today’s post I’d like to show you the first 28 consonant phonics flashcards.

Bb: cards №№1-2 present words with the sound [b] at the beginning and the end of the words. Card №3 contains words with the silent B. Cards №№4-5 present the blends bl, br.

Phonics flashcards, consonant b

Cc: cards №№6-7 present words with the sound [k] at the beginning and the end of the words; cards №№8-10 contain words where C gives the sound [s] before the vowels e, i, y. Card №№11-13 includes words with the sound [ʃ] which is produced by the letter C itself, by the ending -cian and by the phonogram ch in the words of French origin. Cards №№14-15 display words where the phonogram ch is pronounced as [ʧ] at the beginning and the end of words. Card №16 includes words with the same phonogram ch but this time it is pronounced as [k] in the words of Greek origin. Cards №№17-20 have the consonant blends cl, cr, ck.

Free printable phonics flashcards, consonant c, letter c sounds like s and k

Letter c phonics flashcards

Consonant c examples, phonics flashcards

Free phonics flashcards, letter c, consonant blends cl, cr, ck

Dd: cards №№21-23 include the words with the sound [d] produced by the letter D at the beginning and the end of the words as well as by the double dd. Card №24 shows words with the blend dr.

Consonant phonics flashcards, letter d

Ff: cards №№25-26 present words with the sound [f] at the beginning and the end of the words. Cards №№27-28 include the blends fl, fr.

Consonants phonetics flashcards, letter f

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