Monday, October 18, 2021

Weather Vocabulary Posters

The month of October is known for unstable weather in the place where I live. Warm days alternate with rainy ones. It can be cold at night but relatively warm during the day. People still remember the hot summer but the cold breath of the approaching winter is already in the air. It’s a great month to discuss the weather and the changing seasons with my students. So I’m going to put my recently designed weather vocabulary posters on my classroom walls soon.

There are two posters dedicated to weather in my collection of printable English vocabulary posters. The weather vocabulary posters illustrate the following 28 English words:
  • blizzard
  • cloud (cloudy)
  • cold
  • degrees Celsius
  • degrees Fahrenheit
  • flood
  • fog (foggy)
  • frost (frosty)
  • hail (hailing)
  • hot
  • humidity
  • hurricane (cyclone)
  • lightning
  • partly cloudy
  • rain (rainy)
  • rainbow
  • sleet (sleeting)
  • snow (snowy)
  • snowflake
  • storm (stormy)
  • sun (sunny)
  • temperature
  • thermometer
  • thunder
  • tornado
  • umbrella
  • warm
  • wind (windy)

Weather vocabulary words - PDF poster for ESL students

Weather vocabulary printable PDF based poster

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