Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cabbage Paper Craft

Following my previous post I would like to present you a nice cabbage paper craft for children to make during the harvest season. A cabbage is a very healthy vegetable, and not only for bunnies! I hope you will enjoy my craft which can be used for learning vegetables and/or letters, letter the "C", in particular. This craft goes with my vegetables song:

While making this craft your child will learn about:

• the green color
• the circle / round shape
• vegetables
• the country life in autumn / fall

You’ll also help your kids develop:

• fine motor skills
• hand-eye coordination
• sense of space
• imagination
• creativity
• emotional intelligence

For this craft you’ll need the following:

• paper;
• scissors;
• glue or a glue stick;
• wiggle eyes (optional).

Step-by-step instructions:

► Print the templates of the cabbage craft which you can find below.

► Cut out all the parts. If your child can’t cut out you can help him/her.

► Stick leaf number 1 onto the paper, then stick leaves number 2 and 3. Stick the cabbage head onto the leaves and at last the rest of the leaves on the head.

► Stick the face of the cabbage. You can cut out a mouth, a nose and two eyes from the template or draw your own ones on the cabbage. Or you can use wiggle eyes if you like to make your cabbage more cheerful.

cabbage paper craft
Cabbage Paper Craft Template

This corn paper craft is related to my Garden Song for kids.

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  1. Thank so much for your wonderful work the video was fantastic but the only problem with d video is that the words were not pronounced with the right diction