Thursday, July 7, 2022

Printable Calendar for Classroom

I have designed a printable calendar for my classroom which will help me plan my curriculum for the entire school year. It’s a monthly calendar with holidays and all kinds of celebrations that can be fun to learn about, discuss and incorporate into lessons. Since I teach mostly American English, the calendar features American holidays and celebrations. This is why there are American flags on the calendar as seen below.

Printable calendar with holidays for classroom
I've designed a printable monthly calendar featuring American holidays and celebrations for my English classroom.

For example, in September, we can refresh and learn new vocabulary on such topics as wild animals on the occasion of the National Wildlife Day, tools (Labor Day), family (Grandparents Day), pet birds (National Pet Bird Day), cooking (National Cooking Day), traveling (World Tourism Day). We can also talk about students’ favorite books on the Read a Book Day on September 6.

There are many special days every month that offer my students opportunities to learn new things about America and the entire world while expanding their English vocabulary and enhancing their language skills.

Printable monthly calendar with holidays
September calendar printed on an A3-size paper sheet (297 x 420 mm, 11.7 x 16.5 in). Recommended printing sizes are A3 or A1.

I hope I’ll be able to attract my young students’ attention with the printable calendar. If you like the idea you are welcome to purchase the calendar in my store. The current version of the calendar starts with September 2022 and ends with December 2023. You can see the preview here (September - December 2022) and here (January - December 2023).

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