Monday, November 20, 2023

Sports Worksheets

I am delighted to share a collection of free printable worksheets tailored for students with B1-B2 levels of English proficiency, focusing on the theme "Sports and Activities." Within these materials, you will discover diverse tasks designed to enhance vocabulary and grammar skills related to sports, as well as reading and speaking proficiency.

Free printable sports worksheet - matching pictures to words

The initial segment centers around vocabulary. Your students will have the opportunity to acquire or revisit words that describe various sports and activities. Tasks involve matching pictures with sport names and definitions with types of activities. This exercise aims to enrich their vocabulary and enable them to articulate their preferences regarding sports or activities.

Free printable sports worksheet - matching sports names to definitions

Moving on to the reading section, there is an article discussing the benefits of swimming. Following the text, comprehension questions are provided for group discussions on this widely practiced sport. Additionally, a task encourages students to identify synonyms for specified words from the article and explain their meanings. This exercise aims to enhance students' text comprehension and their ability to articulate their thoughts clearly.

Sports reading comprehension - text about swimming

Sports reading comprehension vocabulary worksheet

In the grammar section, the focus is on expressing purpose, cause, and result in English. Students are asked to complete sentences and a story using subordinating conjunctions such as "so," "because," and the particle "to." Furthermore, they are encouraged to create their own sentences, fostering improvement in grammar skills and logical thinking.

Grammar worksheet - clauses of reason and purpose - subordinating conjunctions

Grammar worksheet - clauses of reason and purpose - subordinating conjunctions

The speaking section involves a series of questions for a general discussion about swimming. Additionally, students are tasked with describing a popular swimming spot in their city, providing details about its location, the people frequenting it, and the optimal time to visit. This exercise is designed to boost students' speaking skills and confidence in using English.

Sports speaking activities

I hope that these worksheets will prove invaluable in activating and honing your students' English language skills.


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