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Illustrated Idioms: Body Parts Vocabulary (Free PDF)

As a teacher dedicated to making language learning enjoyable for elementary school students, I understand the importance of incorporating fun and visually stimulating materials into lessons. That's why I've created a set of visually appealing illustrated idiom cards designed to help children expand their language skills while having a blast!

Illustrated English idiom - two heads are better than one

Learning idioms is not only fun but also incredibly beneficial for language learners. Idioms are expressions that have figurative meanings different from their literal interpretations. By mastering idioms, students can enhance their understanding of the English language and improve their communication skills. Idioms also add richness and depth to language, allowing students to express themselves more creatively and fluently.

Illustrated English idiom - pull someone s leg

In my quest to make language learning enjoyable for kids, I've crafted visually captivating flashcards, worksheets, and now, illustrated idiom cards. These colorful and engaging visuals serve as powerful memory aids, helping young learners retain new vocabulary and expressions more effectively. With bright illustrations and playful designs, these idiom cards make learning both memorable and enjoyable.

Illustrated English idiom - wrap head around something:

Introducing Five Illustrated Idioms:

  1. Pull someone’s leg: Teasing or joking with someone in a playful manner,not meant to be taken seriously.
    Example: "Johnny told Sarah that there were giant pink elephants in the schoolyard, but he was just pulling her leg. There are no pink elephants, it was just a joke!"
  2. Wrap one’s head around something: To understand or comprehend something that is difficult or confusing.
    Example: "At first, the math problem seemed tricky, but after some practice, Lily was able to wrap her head around it and solve it."
  3. Have a green thumb: To be skilled at gardening or to have a natural talent for growing plants.
    Example: "Whenever our school has a gardening project, we always ask for Mr. Smith’s help because he truly has a green thumb and can make any garden bloom beautifully."
  4. Get cold feet: To feel nervous or scared, especially about doing something important or making a big decision.
    Example: "Before the talent show, Timmy, who was going to play the guitar, started to get cold feet because he was worried about performing in front of everyone."
  5. Two heads are better than one: Working with someone else can help you come up with better ideas or solutions.
    Example: "When Lily and Jake worked together on the science project, they discovered that two heads are better than one, and their project turned out amazing!"

Illustrated English idiom - have a green thumb

As a fellow educator, I believe in sharing resources to support our teaching community. That's why I'm offering these five visual idiom cards as a printer-ready PDF file, absolutely free! Whether you're teaching body parts vocabulary or looking for engaging materials to spice up your lessons, these idiom cards are sure to be a hit with your students.

Illustrated English idiom - get cold feet

Incorporating idioms into language lessons not only enriches students' vocabulary but also cultivates their creativity and communication skills. With these visually appealing illustrated idiom cards, learning English becomes an exciting adventure for young learners. Download your free set of idiom cards today and watch your students' language skills soar!

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