Sunday, July 24, 2011

About This Blog

Hi, there!

My name’s Olha. I’m an English teacher from Ukraine. I’ve been working with little kids for over 20 years and I really enjoy it. Children are very curious and sincere, and the process of teaching and communication with them is so rewarding. There are no words to describe the feelings which you experience when working with a kid for some time and then you observe the result, and comprehension, and happiness. It’s just great!

But this joy has nothing in common with the fantastic delight of bringing up your own child!!! The miracle you’re holding in your arms relies on you. His future life completely depends on the moral values and knowledge you’ll give him. You ought to help your child to bring out the best. That’s why we started to develop both mental skills and emotional intelligence in our son to give him the opportunity to fulfill himself in life. One of our goals is also to provide him with creative learning. Every day we try to do something new to expand the horizons of imagination and to develop our son’s creativity by means of arts and crafts.

English is an important part of our life, too. Although it's not our native language, but we try to speak English in our everyday situations as much as possible. I strongly believe you should teach your kids English from the early childhood so that they could communicate in English like native speakers.

I would like to share my feelings and ideas with you. In my blog you can find a lot of my worksheets for teaching ABC, phonics and vocabulary, craft ideas and lessons. You can use them for a single child or in a group. Also I’m a big fan of learning through songs and movement activities, so you can listen to my songs and watch videos.


  1. Olga is a genius. The vegetable song rocks out.
    "in the garden you will see, many potatoes for you and me"
    Olga please come to England to play at Glastonbury

  2. добрый день. ищу репетитора по английскому для девочки 7 лет. какова стоимость ваших услуг? ответьте пожалуйста на почту

  3. Thanks for your work. It's a nice page. I would like to get all the phonics flashcards. But I cannot open them from the page one by one. How can I do it? I don't have myself a blog but I can follow you by email.

  4. It looks really interesting
    I was looking for something to start teaching my nephews.
    We do speak spanish by the way and
    ...Its so amusing the way we can comunicate with others even when we don't know their languages n_n

  5. I love the work on your blog its great for learning.

  6. Loving your blog a lot dear. M a junior school coordinator and I'm gaining lots of inspiration here. Thank you very much.

  7. Hello dear Olga!

    I adore your work in the blog . Your unique way of presenting and impressive pictures create much interest in children.

    Thank you for your supportive blog posts !
    Best wishes from Sri Lanka !

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your kind comment.

  8. hello, I am a teacher from Thailand. I love your phonics card and worksheet,it's very interesting.