Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Sun Craft for Toddlers

In summer the Sun is shining brightly in the sky, so we’d like to suggest you making a Sun craft.
This is a very simple paper craft for a little kid who only learns how to use paper, glue and scissors. You can create this craft in one of spring or summer days.

While making this craft your child will learn about:
  • blue and yellow colors;
  • star shape;
  • stripes and paper ball;
  • life in the sea.

You’ll also help your kid develop:
  • fine motor skills;
  • hand-eye coordination;
  • sense of space;
  • imagination;
  • creativity;
  • emotional intelligence;

For this craft you’ll need the following:
  • blue, yellow, red and purple construction paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue or a glue stick;
  • a pencil;
  • a marker;
  • wiggle eyes (if you wish).

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

  • Use a pencil to draw a circle on a piece of yellow construction paper. This will be the face of your sun;
  • Cut out the circle around the line. If your child can’t cut out you can help him/her.
  • Stick the circle onto the blue sheet of paper (the sky).

Step 2

  • Take a small piece of yellow construction paper and tear off small stripes (sunbeams). Encourage your child to tear off and stick the stripes by himself/herself.

Step 3

  • Draw eyes on the blue or purple paper, cut them out and let the kid stick them onto the sun (you can use wiggle eyes if you like);
  • Draw a mouth on the red construction paper, cut it out and let the kid stick it onto the sun, too;
  • Draw a nose with a marker.

Summer Sun Craft Video

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