Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yummy ABC Song (+Flashcards)

This funny ABC song helps your children detect individual letter sounds that form words. The ability to correspond letters to the sounds they produce is the most important part in learning to read. The song also introduces names of fruit and sweets and gives you a wonderful opportunity to enrich children’s vocabulary.
In addition you can download our free yummy ABC flashcards to make your teaching more interesting and productive.

These are the lyrics of the song:

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy ABC
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy ABC
Learn your letters and sing along with me.
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy ABC

A is for /a/, /a/, /a/ apple.
B is for /b/, /b/, /b/ banana.
C is for /k/, /k/, /k/ candy.
D is for /d/, /d/, /d/ date.

E is for /e/, /e/, /e/ egg.
F is for /f/, /f/, /f/ fig.
G is for /g/, /g/, /g/ grapes.
H is for /h/, /h/, /h/ honey.

I is for /i/, /i/, /i/ Indian corn.
J is for /j/, /j/, /j/ jam.
K is for /k/, /k/, /k/ kiwi.
L is for /l/, /l/, /l/ lemon.

M is for /m/, /m/, /m/ muffin.
N is for /n/, /n/, /n/ nut.
O is for /o/, /o/, /o/ orange.
P is for /p/, /p/, /p/ pear.

Q is for /kw/, / kw /, / kw / quince.
R is for /r/, /r/, /r/ raisins.
S is for /s/, /s/, /s/ strawberry.
T is for /t/, /t/, /t/ tart.

U is for /u/, /u/, /u/ ugli fruit.
V is for /v/, /v/, /v/ vanilla.
W is for /w/, /w/, /w/ watermelon.
X is for /ks/, /ks/, /ks/ Xmas cake.
Y is for /y/, /y/, /y/ yogurt.
Z is for /z/, /z/, /z/ zucchini.

Yummy ABC Flashcards

free printable alphabet flashcard, letter A

free printable ABC flashcard, letter B

free printable ABC flashcard, letter C

You can download the complete set of free printable ABC flashcards here.


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