Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cucumber Paper Crafts

Today I would like to present a cucumber paper craft which can be used in connection with many topics while learning English. You can speak with your pupils about wholesome food because cucumbers are considered to be very healthy and refreshing. Ask your pupils to remember what they know about this vegetable. Give them the information that cucumbers consist of 95% water. It means that we should eat these yummy green vegetables during hot summer days to keep ourselves hydrated. In winter preserved cucumbers, or pickles, are also used in many countries of the world as a wonderful component in winter dishes. So cucumbers are very important vegetables full of vitamins and microelements necessary for our body.

This craft goes with my vegies song:

cucumber paper craft

While making this craft your child will learn about:

• green color
• vegetables
• hydration
• harvest season
• preserving vegetables for winter

You’ll also help your kid develop:

• fine motor skills
• hand-eye coordination
• sense of space
• imagination
• creativity
• emotional intelligence

For this craft you’ll need the following:

• paper;
• scissors;
• glue or a glue stick;
• wiggle eyes (if you wish).

Step-by-step instructions:

► Print the templates of the cucumber craft.

► Cut out all the parts. If your child can’t cut out you can help him/her.

► Stick the cucumber onto the paper, and then stick the leaves, hands and legs on the cucumber.

► Stick the face. You can cut out a mouth, a nose and two eyes from the template or draw your own ones on the cucumber. Or you can use wiggle eyes if you like to make your vegetable merry and friendly.

cucumber craft for children
Cucumber Paper Craft Template

Enjoy this craft! Please make some comments about my songs and worksheets. Share your crafts and ideas about learning English.

This cucumber paper craft is related to my Vegetable Song.

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