Monday, March 4, 2013

Forest Animals Coloring Pages and Flashcards

As I promised in my previous post about my forest animals song I would like to share some flashcards and coloring pages based on the song.

I always show flashcards to my pupils while learning the song. A teacher can leverage visuals such as flashcards to make the process of learning a foreign language easier and more enjoyable for little kids. I offer you two sets of flashcards. One set includes cards with images and words written on the same picture. Another set of flashcards includes cards with images only while the words are written on separate cards. The latter set can be used for matching pictures with words or for any other game or activity you may invent for your little students or own children.

forest animals flashcards with words 1
Forest Animals Flashcards with Words 1

wild animals flashcards with words 2
Forest Animals Flashcards with Words 2

forest animals flashcards with words 3
Forest Animals Flashcards with Words 3

wild animals flashcards
Forest Animals Flashcards 1

forest animals flashcards 2
Forest Animals Flashcards 2

forest animals cards 3
Forest Animals Flashcards 3

forest animals card with words
Forest Animals Card with Words

Here are my coloring pages of all the animals mentioned in the song. Children can color the forest animals as well as their names to better remember the spelling.

wolf coloring
Wolf Coloring Page
fox coloring
Fox Coloring Page

hedgehog coloring
Hedgehog Coloring Page

beaver coloring
Beaver Coloring Page

bear coloring
Bear Coloring Page

frog coloring
Frog Coloring Page

deer coloring
Deer Coloring Page

mole coloring
Mole Coloring Page

bird coloring
Bird Coloring Page

butterfly coloring
Butterfly Coloring Page

hare coloring
Hare Coloring Page

snake coloring
Snake Coloring Page

squirrel coloring
Squirrel Coloring Page

Worksheets based on the song are coming soon.

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