Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two Aliens. Song for Children about Cute Aliens

This song about two cute aliens is my husband's contribution to my English teaching activity. My husband works for a web design company as a translator while I teach English to children. He often gets inspired with the success of our Youtube channel where we post my ESL songs for which my husband often creates animation videos. He also get inspired by our four years old son who is constantly surrounded with kids' stuff and tries to learn English through songs, cartoons and children's books. So the atmosphere of the early childhood education in our house seems to be contagious because my husband has made a decision not only to help me create videos for my songs but also write his own songs for kids. And he wrote lyrics for a few new songs I am going to show in this blog. I think these songs are really good.

His first song is called "Two Aliens". This song is about two cute little aliens who visit children on the Earth to play with them and eat some yummies. When he showed this song to me I understood that it could be a really powerful teaching material for teachers working with elementary school kids and older children because the song story is really cute and funny. All teachers know that fun is always great for any kind of lessons with kids and especially for teaching languages. Fun helps create excitement and human brain remembers moments of excitement more effectively than colorless and boring situations. Memorizing things while playing fun games and singing fun songs during lessons is much easier especially for little ones. My husband had created drawings of two cute alien characters and used them to make this little cartoon for even more fun during my English lessons.

This is yet another song created by our whole family (the others being the Fruits and Berries song, the Forest Animals song and the Dinosaur song): my husband contributed his lyrics, illustrations and animation; I composed the music and recorded my singing, and you can hear our four years old son as the cute alien's voice in the video above.

The "Two Aliens" song lyrics would be kinda difficult for preschoolers learning English as their second language so in case of ESL teaching the song is mostly appropriate for kids of ages 6-9. However the song can be easily used for educating younger kids if they are native English speakers. The lyrics allow educators to use the song for teaching such topics as "Appearance", "Space and Planets", "Food". The song is also good for learning such English grammar tenses as Simple Present (Present Indefinite) and Present Progressive (Present Continuous). So these are the song lyrics.

Song Lyrics

Two aliens are flying in a saucer
Two aliens are heading to the Earth
They are too far but they are getting closer
Their tentacles are moving back and forth

One is thin and tall
The other's fat and small
But they are not ugly at all

Those aliens don’t look like ugly monsters
Those aliens are cute as they can be
In fact they look like funny little hamsters
And they are coming here to meet me

One is thin and tall
The other's fat and small
But they’re not ugly at all

They visit us to play with little children
Time spent with them is like the sweetest dream
They drink sweet juice and eat delicious chicken
They love cupcakes and strawberry ice cream

One is thin and tall
The other's fat and small
But they are not ugly at all

As always I would like to share not only the song but also some teaching materials based on this aliens song that I created for myself and fellow teachers from all over the world.

Alien Song Flashcards

First of all I would like to offer you two sets of flashcards. Set № 1 consists of flashcards with both pictures and the vocabulary. Set № 2 includes flashcards with only pictures while the words are available on separate cards. You can use these flashcards for various vocabulary games to learn English with kids.

Set № 1

alien space flashcards
Alien song flashcards

alien space english flashcards
Space flashcards

Set № 2

alien space flashcards for esl
Aliens and space flashcards

alien space flashcards for teaching english

alien space flashcards for kids learning english
Words for aliens and space flashcards

Coloring Pages

I usu coloring pages when I need to work individually with some pupils while keeping the rest of the class busy. Here are some coloring pages featuring the main characters of the song and their flying saucer. I thing every child will be pleased to spend a few minutes coloring these cute aliens.

alien coloring pages for esl
Alien coloring page

cute alien coloring image for children
Cute alien coloring page

flying saucer coloring page for teaching English
Flying saucer coloring


I would like to share some worksheets based on the "Two Aliens" song. There are two handwriting assignments where children must trace some dashed words and write them down one more time on the lines to practice their handwriting skills. The first worksheet includes words from the song such as alien, saucer, thin, tall, fat, small, ugly, cute, funny. The second one offers kids to practice spelling of English planet names and the Sun. In addition there is a blank handwriting worksheet in case if teachers want to suggest their own words for practicing spelling and memorizing vocabulary.

space aliens handwriting practice worksheet
Alien song handwriting worksheet

handwriting practice worksheet about space and aliens
Space handwriting worksheet

space aliens handwriting paper for esl
Blank sheet of handwriting space paper

There are also a few worksheets for space vocabulary training.

Worksheet 1: This task requires kids to describe the cute aliens from the song using as many adjectives as they can. Pupils are supposed to select the offered adjectives corresponding to each alien and write the words down on the lines below.

describe two cute aliens esl worksheet
Describing aliens worksheet

Worksheet 2: For this assignment children are asked to arrange the Solar System planets in the right order beginning from the Sun and write the English names of the planets down on the lines below.

solar system planets order english worksheet
Solar System planets order worksheet

I hope your pupils will enjoy learning English with my worksheets and the new aliens song created by our family. Good luck in teaching!


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