Sunday, November 18, 2018

Christmas Flashcards. Part 3.

I keep on publishing the ESL teaching materials dedicated to Christmas that I designed to help English teachers prepare for lessons on the topic of Christmas during this holiday season.

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The kit includes flashcards, 4 types of worksheets, dominoes and bingo game

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This is the third blog post offering another ten Christmas flashcards from my collection that can be used to introduce the relevant vocabulary. All my other Christmas-related worksheets such as picture-to-word matching assignments as well as games such as Christmas bingo and dominoes are based on the vocabulary covered by this set of flashcards.

Jesus, Christmas flashcards for ESL

Christmas flashcards for kids, Christmas lights

marshmallow, Christmas food flashcards

mistletoe, Christmas flashcards with words and pictures

mittens, printable Christmas flashcards free download

North Pole with Santa Claus, Christmas flashcards

Party, Christmas flashcards

Party popper, ESL flashcards Christmas vocabulary

Pie, ESL Christmas food flashcards

pinecone, Christmas vocabulary flashcards

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