Sunday, March 17, 2019

Phonics Flashcards (Consonants S, T)

Today I would like to present another group of English consonant flashcards. The post contains 23 more cards dedicated to the letter Ss and 1 card with the letter Tt.

Ss: cards №№77-78 include words with the sound [s] at the beginning and the end of the words as well as when it occurs due to the double ss. Card №79 contains words where the letter S produces the sound [s] at the endings after voiceless consonants. Cards №№80-81 present words in which S gives the sound [z] when it occurs between two vowels and in the endings after vowels and voiced consonants. Card №82 offers words in which the letter S is pronounced as [ʃ]. Cards №№83-92 contain the blends sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, sh. Cards №№93-96 present the three letter blends spl, scr, spr, str. Card №97 presents the phonogram -sion which gives the sound [ʒn] while card №98 presents the same phonogram -sion which gives the sound [ʃn]. Card №99 includes words with the silent S.

letter s phonics, english phonics flashcards
Phonics consonants flashcards

letter s phonics, esl phonics flashcards
esl phonics flashcards

letter s blends, english phonics flashcards for children

letter s blends, english phonics flashcards for kids

letter s blends, phonics flashcards for learning english

letter s phonics, phonics flashcards for esl


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  1. Hi,
    Thanks alot for sharing. Such a great help as I am homeschooling my kids. I can't find remaining v, w, X, y and z consonants cards. Can you please help.