Monday, April 27, 2020

Why Visually Stimulating Material Helps Kids Learn English Better

Teaching primary kids English, is becoming easier with the advent of classroom technology. It wasn’t long ago that a grade 3 teacher had to purchase non-customizable task cards to re-use class after class, or try and painstakingly create her own task cards, with limited design skills, Microsoft Word and the school printer, then cut out!

By introducing meaningful visual elements to the curriculum, educators can help students with information retention and being truly engaged. In school, a child receives a multitude of visual messages daily, so teachers are essentially competing with the kid’s attention span. By turning learning into a game with fun school clip art and custom task cards, the child has a better chance of performing and studies have also shown that children who are taught with visuals, get better grades and report cards.

Teachers know, that when trying to get kids to learn things like vocabulary, odd spelling and silent letters, that task cards make the TASK (pun intended) fun and engaging.

Every teacher has their own style of teaching. Some teachers love buying school clip art or teacher resources packs of pre-made task cards, while others like to create their own style or even make highly customized task cards for students who are struggling and need a little more attention. Having a task card with a cute smiling cactus that says: Matthew is becoming better at irregular verbs! Matthew became an irregular verbs super hero today! vs. LESSON 3, Welcome to Become and Became.

Edigo - graphic design tool for educators
Edigo is an online graphic design tool for educators.

With classroom technology getting more and more popular, there are many tools to facilitate the creation of task cards, flashcards, posters, report cards, worksheets and so forth. There are many design apps such as Pic Monkey Stencil and Adobe Spark, that allow educators to create educational material but there is now a graphic design app made especially for educators called Edigo. is a new online tool in the Edtech space that simplifies the creation of educational material and teacher resources. There are different membership tiers to suit different budgets, and a free version that let’s you test drive this nifty tool with Facebook connect or email. The Premium version has a 7 day free trial, no credit card needed. Edigo does not require the teacher to have previous graphic design experience, and is available in many languages. This is a great tool to have in your tool kit of online technology to help facilitate teaching English for kids.


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