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English Worksheets and Other Printables for Grade 1

A big part of my students are elementary school kids. That is why I have designed a good number of printable English teaching materials for my 1st grade students. The printables include flashcards, posters, awards, worksheets, games, coloring pages etc. Many of them have already been published in my blog. In this blog post, I’d like to show some of those printables that I use for grade 1 to help my fellow EFL and ESL teachers find my earlier publications and see the bigger picture of what I create for my classes and what I can offer for their classes as well.

English worksheets for grade 1
I have designed a lot of printable worksheets, charts, flashcards etc for my grade 1 students.

The first year of learning English at school is an important stage for young students as well as for an ESL/EFL teacher. The teacher should help kids “fall in love” with learning English which might seem weird for children who learn it as the second for foreign language. I do my best to design colorful worksheets, games and visual aids to make the learning process fun and engaging at the very outset.

There are two key types of printable teaching resources that I use for grade 1 English classes: resources for teaching to read in English and those for teaching to write. Of course, the first grade suggests acquiring the basic reading and writing skills at the alphabet level. So here are some printable visuals, awards, worksheets and coloring pages I use at this beginning stage.

English Alphabet and Basic Reading for Grade 1

At the very beginning of studying English kids learn to recognize English ABC letters. I use my big printable alphabet letters to show them to the class. Large letters are good for big classrooms where kids may struggle seeing them from a distance. I also use these letters for online English classes with kids.

Big printable alphabet letters - English worksheets for grade 1
Learn more about big printable English ABC cards

Alphabet coloring is another way to help children remember the appearance of new letters through their usual activity of coloring pictures. This is why I use my English ABC coloring pages for my classes.

Alphabet coloring page - English worksheets for grade 1
Learn more about printable alphabet coloring pages

I have also designed big and colorful alphabet posters that I stick to the classroom walls to attract kids’ attention with what they are going to learn. Many pictures on the posters makes little students get excited about learning this or another ABC letter and so many cool words that start with the letter.

Printable English alphabet posters - English worksheets for grade 1
Learn more about printable posters for every letter of English ABC

Classroom decoration for grade 1 - printable ABC train
Learn more about the ABC train classroom decoration set.

An English alphabet letter being learned, I hand out printed ABC awards for the great job of learning the alphabet that my students do. When giving these “trophies” to kids, I make a big deal of their accomplishments and encourage them to keep up with learning and memorizing all the letters. Children love collecting those awards and thus love learning the ABC.

Printable award for alphabet learning -- English worksheets for grade 1
Learn more about printable awards for learning ABC

Simple ABC games help a lot with memorizing letters thanks to the intensive brain activity they involve kids into. Here is one of the games I play with my grade 1 students to teach English alphabet to them.

English alphabet puzzle, ESL game for grade 1 students
Learn more about this printable English alphabet puzzle game

Alphabet activities - printable puzzle -letter B
Learn more about this alphabet puzzle

English alphabet game for grade 1
Learn more about this printable board game for learning ABC

Alphabet matching wheels for grade 1
Learn more about these alphabet matching wheels

When students know all the ABC letters, it’s time to move to the next level and find out how these letters and their combinations sound in frequently used words. We start learning basic words such as Dolch sight words and at the same time pay attention to phonetics of English language. The reading stage has begun for the first grade students.

I have designed more than 550 printable Dolch sight words flashcards to teach basic vocabulary to kids. Those flashcards help my first grade students better memorize some words and string them into short sentences to start reading in English.

Dolch words activities with pictures - English worksheets for grade 1
Learn more about sight words flashcards

As kids’ vocabulary broadens, I introduce the first reading comprehension passages based on the sight words for kids to read.

Sight words reading comprehension passages - ESL reading for grade 1
Learn more about sight words reading passages

There is another type of simple reading comprehension worksheets that I use for my grade 1 English classes. These not only help teach reading to kids but also introduce an important verb “have” to them.

Reading comprehension worksheet for grade 1 - verb have
Learn more about simple reading comprehension worksheets introducing verb have

I have also created a series of reading comprehension stories that are written with short words only (maximum four letters). They are super easy to read. When kids read those stories and understand most of the words even at the early stage of studying English, they feel empowered, motivated and excited about their success.

Easy reading comprehension passages for grade 1
Learn more about short-words reading comprehension worksheets

Another set of reading comprehension passages is dedicated to animals. This kit includes worksheets and a large number of colorful flashcards designed to introduce animal-related vocabulary to young English learners. Some reading passages of this set are quite short and simple to be used for grade 1.

Reading comprehension worksheet for grade 1
Learn more about animal-related reading comprehension worksheets

As my first grade students learn to read in English, I draw their attention to sounds in English words. Phonics are extremely important for non-native speakers but at the same time they are not as interesting as reading stories. In other words English phonics are boring and weird for many non-native speaking kids. Therefore I did my best to design bright printable flashcards and charts to help children learn phonics in a more or less fun way.

First of all, I have designed a set of visually-enhanced phonetics posters based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for my classroom walls to make English phonics less intimidating and interesting for my non-native speaking elementary school students.

Printable English phonics posters for grade 1
Learn more about poster-sized English phonics charts for kids

English phonics being quite challenging for many EFL and ESL students, I have designed tons of flashcards, charts and worksheets to make the ride through the sound system less bumpy for young learners. I keep on working on new printables related to phonics almost daily. Below are some of them, and I’ll be adding more as I design new teaching materials.

Consonant digraph phonics sounds chart
Learn more about digraphs, diphthongs, letter combination charts

Beginning consonant digraphs worksheets
Learn more about beginning consonant blends and digraphs worksheets

Printable consonant blends and digraphs chart
Learn more about printable charts featuring beginning consonant blends and digraphs

CVC words chart with pictures for grade 1
Learn more about CVC charts and worksheets

Phonics flashcards
Learn more about phonics flashcards

Printable phonics flashcards
Learn more about the vowel phonics kit

Phonics reading passages
Learn more about the vowel phonics kit

Basic Writing for Grade 1

My grade 1 students do not write a lot for obvious reasons. The key writing skill they need to acquire at this stage is writing English letters. Therefore I print out my letter tracing worksheets to help kids train their hands for writing letters.

Letter tracing worksheet for grade 1
Learn more about letter a tracing worksheets

Other Printables for Grade 1

I have designed thousands of colorful printable flashcards to introduce English vocabulary to my young students. I use them a lot for my grade 1 classes as well as for other elementary and middle school grades. Some of these vocabulary flashcards are bilingual. I designed them for kids whose native languages are Spanish, French and Chinese.

English vocabulary flashcards for grade 1
Learn more about my set of more than 700 English vocabulary flashcards

Animals vocabulary flashcards for grade 1
Learn more about animals vocabulary flashcards

I also have more than 70 printable vocabulary posters designed to help elementary school kids learn around 900 words in 20 topics.
English vocabulary poster for ESL students to learn animal names
Learn more about my printable vocabulary posters for 20 topics.

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