Sunday, March 24, 2013

Butterfly Song (+ Coloring Pages and Worksheets)

It's springtime. It's time of flowers and butterflies. And it's also time to learn some spring vocabulary during English lessons with kids. I wrote a very simple song about butterflies a year ago which I used to teach English to preschoolers in spring. So I would like to share this butterfly song and some printable activities with other educators and parents who teach their own children at home.

Butterfly Song

Down the valley,
In the meadow
I saw pretty butterflies,
They were flying in the air
They were flying very high.

On the flowers
Up the trees,
In the gentle morning breeze,
Butterflies, you’re so cute,
I would like to fly with you.

I have prepared a few coloring pages and worksheets to go with this song. They are rather simple and can be used for preschool and kindergarten activities.

Coloring Pages

butterfly coloring for preschool
Butterfly coloring page 1

butterfly coloring for kindergarten
Butterfly coloring page 2

butterfly coloring for learning english
Butterfly coloring page 3

butterfly coloring for spring and summer activities
Butterfly coloring page 4

butterfly coloring for teaching esl
Butterfly coloring page 5


Worksheet 1: This task is for little learners of English. Children must differentiate big and small butterflies and count them (depending on skills and age).

butterfly counting worksheet for preschool
Counting Worksheet

Worksheet 2: This assignment is also a very simple one and can be used during English lessons dedicated to nature, spring or summer weather. Children are supposed to find the butterflies which look the same.

matching worksheet for preschool
Match the Same Worksheet

Worksheet 3: When doing this task children are asked to find which butterfly differs from others in each raw. This activity develops kids' attention and reasoning skills. It also can help improve their speaking skills if a teacher asks young learners to explain why the butterfly is different.

butterfly worksheet for developing attention and speaking
Circle the Different Worksheet

Worksheet 4: In this task little English learners must connect the dots from A to Z that helps them remember the letters order in the English alphabet. Then children must color the butterfly that is also very useful for developing fine motor skills, attention and creativity.

abc dot-to-dot butterfly worksheet
ABC dot-to-dot worksheet

Worksheet 5: This assignment may be useful while learning the names of shapes in English. Children must color the butterfly with different shapes on its wings and name all the shapes. While making such tasks kids can develop their imagination and creativity, get an idea of size and symmetry.

butterfly shapes coloring page for learning English
Butterfly Shapes Coloring Page

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