Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pepper Paper Craft

I would like to present you another vegetable craft – a pepper. It can be used by teachers and parents while teaching a lot of topics: gardening, harvest, healthy food and helping at home. This pepper craft is very colorful and positive.

This craft goes with my Garden song:

pepper craft for kindergarten

While making this craft your child will learn about:

• red color
• vegetables
• country life
• gardening
• healthy food

You’ll also help your kid develop:

• fine motor skills
• sense of space
• hand-eye coordination
• creativity
• imagination
• emotional intelligence

For this craft you’ll need the following:

• construction paper;
• scissors;
• glue or a glue stick;
• wiggle eyes (if you wish).

Step-by-step instructions:

• Print the templates of the pepper paper craft.

• Cut out all the parts. Help your children to cut out the details if they can’t do this by themselves.

• First of all, stick the legs onto the green piece of paper, and then stick the pepper body on the legs. Then stick the hands and pepper stalk.

• Stick the pepper face. You can cut out a mouth, a nose and two eyes from the template or draw your own ones on the pepper. Or you can use wiggle eyes if you like to make your pepper more happy and cheerful.

pepper craft template
Pepper Paper Craft Template

I hope your children will love making this craft as well as singing my Garden Song about vegetables while discovering the wonderful world around them.

This pepper paper craft is related to my Garden Song.


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