Monday, November 12, 2018

Christmas Worksheets: Crossword Puzzles

Christmas crosswords make a part of the Christmas kit I designed to introduce the holiday vocabulary to my students.

Buy the whole Christmas kit in printer-friendly PDF format
The kit includes flashcards, 4 types of worksheets, dominoes and bingo game

A variety of visually appealing flashcards, games and worksheets including crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, word and image matching assignments helps kids better memorize the relevant English vocabulary through fun activities. ESL teachers and any other educators are welcome to use my printable Christmas worksheets for their lessons. Please, share your experience of using my teaching materials in the comment section below.

Christmas crossword
Christmas crossword for words ball, poinsettia, pudding, pinecone, sleigh, candy, decoration, elf, gift, ham, candle.

ESL Christmas crossword puzzle
Christmas crossword for words firecracker, mistletoe, reindeer, sweater, snowman, fireworks, turkey, Jesus, gingerbread, bell, scarf.

ESL Christmas worksheet, crossword puzzle
Christmas crossword for words snowflake, stocking, wreath, pie, lights, carol, fireplace, angel, mitten, star.

Christmas worksheet crossword puzzle
Christmas crossword for words chimney, sack, winter, marshmallow, ribbon, snow, garland, party, holly.


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