Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Food & Drinks Worksheets: Picture to Word Matching

Here goes another type of matching worksheets that I traditionally design for the major topics I introduce to my students. These are created to help kids remember some 59 English names of food and drinks. You can find the whole list of words featured in my printable food & drinks kit by visiting the first blog post dedicated to it.

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The kit includes flashcards, 4 types of worksheets, dominoes and bingo game

These colorful worksheets ask kids to match a picture of a drink or a food item to one of three words. This activity helps kids form a stronger association between a word and the object it identifies. Focusing on words and related pictures, beginner students better memorize the food and drinks vocabulary which they will need in the future for more advanced assignments such as talking and writing about their favorite foods, cooking and eating out.

Food and drink worksheet - matching a picture to a word

This blog post offers 5 free picture-to-word matching worksheets that ESL and EFL teachers can use to teach some vocabulary about food and drinks to elementary and pre-intermediate students. There are 14 such worksheets (including 4 that feature British English variations of some words) that cover all 59 words. The entire set of printable picture-to-word and word-to-picture matching worksheets as well as crosswords, word search puzzles, flashcards, dominoes, and bingo game is available in my premium PDF-based food & drinks kit that you can buy here.

Printable food and drinks worksheet - free ESL resources

Free printable food worksheet for English learners

Food worksheet for ESL learners - elementary and pre intermediate level

Free food and drinks vocabulary matching worksheet for English learners

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