Monday, May 13, 2019

Food and Drinks Dominoes. Part 1.

The more activities students are engaged in when learning the English vocabulary, the better chances they will have to memorize the words for all their lives. I offer kids a few kinds of activities that involve matching words to pictures starting from classic word-to-image and image-to-word matching worksheets to games such as dominoes and bingo. I create custom printables for my lessons designed to form strong association between a written or spoken word and the object it means. The domino game is one of my favorite activities for developing such word-object association for elementary or middle school students. Since we have been talking about the food and drinks topic for the last few weeks, I’d like to start sharing my printable food & drinks domino cards that my fellow educators can use to teach the food vocabulary to their students too.

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Dominoes can bring a lot of fun to the classroom. Try to share the domino cards between students or a few groups of students if you teach to a bigger class. Now you can organize an activity with a challenge and thrill of competition where students have to match all dominoes within a certain period of time, for example. Or announce a student or a group of students that has the last card as the winner of the game. I’m sure teachers with experience and imagination can use these food & drinks dominoes to make their English classes unforgettable which, of course, is conducive to the effective learning of the targeted vocabulary. So here are the first 30 printable domino cards for the food and drinks topic. Please, stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts where I’ll continue sharing the domino cards. Also you are welcome to purchase the whole food & drinks kit that includes printable worksheets, flashcards and games for the topic.

Printable food domino game for English learners

ESL food dominoes -- printable worksheets

Food dominoes -- printable game for EFL and ESL students

Food and drinks dominoes to learn English vocabulary

Food domino worksheet for ESL students

Printable ESL game to learn food topic -- domino

Food domino game to play and learn English

Food domino for elementary school

Food and drinks domino

Printable domino game for the topic of food

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