Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Food & Drinks Worksheets: Word to Picture Matching

With this blog post I’m starting a series of publications featuring my collection of printable ESL worksheets, flashcards and games designed to introduce and consolidate the food & drinks vocabulary.

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The kit includes flashcards, 4 types of worksheets, dominoes and bingo game

The food and drinks topic is among the key subjects in my English syllabus. Knowing names of food and drinks is a must for every English learner. As a rule, one learns English to be able to communicate with people and travel all over the world with as little language barrier as possible. Food is the essential one have to take care of whenever one goes. Trying local foods is one of the most pleasant moments of any trip. And we often welcome foreign guests with food and drinks, so we have to be able to offer them a treat in the language they understand, and English proves to be the language understood by more than 1.5 billion people. Therefore if one knows some English food & drinks vocabulary, chances are he or she will enjoy partaking of a meal in a good company of friendly foreigners. Sharing food together is a good way to make new friends and business partners.

I’ll be publishing some of my printable food and drinks worksheets, games and flashcards in the upcoming posts. The entire collection constitutes the food & drinks kit that includes 14 picture-to-word matching worksheets (4 for British English vocabulary), 13 word-to-picture matching worksheets (4 for British English vocabulary), 7 word search puzzles (1 for British English vocabulary), 8 crossword puzzles (1 for British English vocabulary), 15 bingo cards, 64 domino cards (with some British English variations), 63 flashcards (with some British English variations).

Food and drinks vocabulary in English
The food and drinks vocabulary covered in my printable kit

I designed the kit to introduce 59 food names in English. The food & drinks vocabulary covered in the printable set includes different food groups such as names of some dairy products: butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, sour cream, yogurt (UK: yoghurt); meat & fish: bacon, beef, chicken, egg, ham, meat, pork, sausage; grain foods: bread, cereal, flour, noodles, pasta, porridge, rice; sweets & desserts: cake, candy (UK: sweet), chocolate, cookie (UK: biscuit), donut, honey, jam, pie, sugar; fast food: hamburger, hot dog, pizza, popcorn, potato chips (UK: crisps), sandwich; fruits & vegetables: fruits, mushroom, nuts, salad, soup, vegetables; sea food: caviar, crab, fish, lobster, oyster, seafood, shrimp (UK: prawn); drinks: coffee, juice, soda, tea, water; spices & seasoning: mustard, oil, pepper, salt, sauce.

Today I’d like to share five word to picture matching worksheets. I hope ESL and EFL teachers will enjoy using the printable handouts for their English classes. I hope they will love my worksheets enough to purchase the whole kit.

Food and drinks worksheets

ESL food matching worksheet

Free printable food worksheet for English learners

ESL Food worksheets - free printable activity to learn English

Food and drinks vocabulary worksheet

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