Monday, January 20, 2020

Vocabulary Cards: Compound Words

Teaching compound words can be another fun way to help young students expand their English vocabulary at early stages of studying the language. I use printable compound word cards to introduce some basic vocabulary to kids. The cards show what parts the compound word is made up of. These printables make it interesting for beginner English learners to see how two words merge into a single word and how the meaning of this new noun reflects the attributes of the things the merged words represent. Introducing compound words this way is memorable for preschool and elementary school students and thus helps children memorize the vocabulary pretty fast. The design of the cards allows for using them for a variety of matching activities which adds even more fun to learning compound words.

My collection of printable cards introduces the following 20 closed compound words: armchair, butterfly, catfish, cupcake, earring, fireman, football, jellyfish, lighthouse, lipstick, pancake, rainbow, raincoat, scarecrow, seahorse, snowball, snowman, starfish, sunflower, toothbrush.

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