Friday, January 10, 2020

Vocabulary Cards: Same Word - Different Meanings

Finding something special about words is a great method to grab kids’ attention and activate their memory. For example, at the early stages of studying English, I introduce “very special” short words consisting of only three letters to my youngest students (see my three-letter word search worksheets and short words reading comprehension passages). All this hype about those words being unusual and special gets children excited about learning them and thus helps even kindergarten kids build their first English vocabulary as easy as can be.

Another kind of special words I love to introduce to my students are those having multiple and often unexpected meanings. These words are really interesting to learn for kids. I have designed some printable vocabulary building cards featuring such words and their meanings illustrated with pictures. These are such words as arms, bark, bat, bow, button, chest, comb, crane, fan, key, letter, mouse, nail, note, nut, plant, seal, sink, table, trunk.

English vocabulary cards - printable ESL resources

My fellow English teachers are welcome to use my printable vocabulary cards for their classes too. I hope this resource will help enrich their students’ vocabulary very effectively.

Vocabulary cards - same word - different meanings

Printable vocabulary building cards for kids learning English

Free English vocabulary cards for EFL and ESL students


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  1. Great effort to help master using vocabulary. Thanks a lot.