Thursday, September 1, 2022

Labor Day Worksheets and Reading Comprehension

My classroom calendar shows that the American Labor Day is on the horizon, so the first half of September would be a great time to talk about this holiday as well as learn new vocabulary related to professions and tools with my middle school and high school students. For this purpose I have designed the printable Labor Day kit for my English classes. The kit includes reading comprehension passages, worksheets, flashcards and vocabulary posters that help students learn more about Labor Day as well as memorize English words related to jobs and tools.
Labor Day worksheet -- printables for ESL students
Printable Labor Day worksheets help students memorize vocabulary related to jobs and occupations.

Labor Day Reading Comprehension Passages

The Labor Day kit includes a few reading comprehension passages from which kids can learn about the holiday, manual labor, blue-collar and white-collar workers, differences between employers and employees as well as between salary and wages. These easy-to-read passages go with the multiple choice questions and true or false worksheets.

Labor Day reading comprehension passages

Occupations reading comprehension for Labor Day

Labor Day reading comprehension about jobs and career

Labor Day Worksheets

I designed Labor Day worksheets to help my students learn vocabulary related to professions and tools. The worksheets offer simple and fun activities that stimulate kids’ memory.

Jobs and professions vocabulary worksheet for ESL students

Jobs and occupations vocabulary worksheet for ESL students

Jobs and occupations vocabulary worksheet

Tools worksheet for English learners

Flashcards and Posters

Printable flashcards and vocabulary posters are the visual aids I use to help students visualize the vocabulary to be memorized and develop a strong association between the written or pronounced words and the objects/persons they represent. The Labor Day kit includes 40 tools flashcards, 4 jobs and occupations vocabulary posters, 3 tools vocabulary posters, 2 farmer’s tools and machines vocabulary posters.

Tools flashcards for Labor Day English classes
There are 40 tools flashcards in my printable Labor Day kit

Jobs and occupations vocabulary poster for English classroom
One of jobs and occupations posters. Learn more about my vocabulary posters.

Farm tools and machines vocabulary poster
One of farmer's tools vocabulary posters.

Tools vocabulary poster for English learners
One of tools vocabulary posters.

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