Monday, October 24, 2022

Veterans Day Reading Comprehension (Free PDF)

I dedicate at least one lesson to every major American holiday. Even though my students learn English as a foreign language, I believe it is important for students to know more about the culture of the English-speaking countries. And since I focus mostly on American English, the United States’ holidays and celebrations represent a special interest for me as sources of teaching materials. When learning about American holidays, an English learner can pick up vocabulary from all areas of human life. According to my classroom calendar, the next major national holiday in the United States is Veterans Day. And I have some relevant reading comprehension materials to share with my fellow EFL and ESL teachers.

Veterans Day  reading comprehension passages

I offer these Veterans Day reading comprehension worksheets to my middle school and high school students to learn about the holiday and memorize a few English words related to the military. Learning the military vocabulary at school may sound somewhat controversial but I’m sure that in my country that has suffered from an armed conflict, a large part of my students will join the military in the future to protect their motherland, and they will find it useful to know the military-related English words as the major English speaking countries are our allies who help train our soldiers and supply us with military equipment.

Veterans day reading comprehension worksheet - questions

Military vocabulary for Veterans Day English lessons

Military equipment vocabulary for Veterans Day classes

Military vocabulary worksheets for Veterans Day

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