Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Teaching English to Kids

There are a few reasons why you may want your kids to learn to speak English. It may be that your family has moved to a country where English is spoken, or you may have a situation where English is not usually spoken at home but you want your children to learn to speak the language as contact with persons outside of the home and your community increases. In other cases, you may be living in a country where English is not natively spoken, but you want your children to learn the language as early a possible, so that they will eventually be able to communicate like native speakers of the language. Whatever your reasons or motivations, teaching your children to speak English is not as difficult as it may seem at first. There are a few ground rules, tips and trick that you can used to have your kids speaking and reading (if they are old enough!) English in no time.

English language teacher teaching English to kids
School image created by Pressfoto - Freepik.com

Children learn some their most valuable lessons inside the home, and learning the English language is no different. You will find that as you incorporate the language in all that you do at home, the children will begin to learn and retain what you have taught them.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Toys Song for Children

Today I have a wonderful opportunity to share my new ESL song with fellow teachers and parents. It's the Toys Song. Singing this song during English classes will help educators introduce the playroom and toys vocabulary to children and improve their grammar skills when using the verb to have.

Here are the song lyrics:

Toys Song

Toys, toys, toys,
I like to share
Toys, toys, toys,
Let’s play together

My name is Mike
I am a boy
I like to play
I have many toys
I like to share
Let’s play together

I have a ball - A BALL
I have a train – A TRAIN
I have a ship – A SHIP
I have a plane – A PLANE
I have a car – A CAR
I have a boat – A BOAT
I have a bike – A BIKE
I have a robot – A ROBOT

My name is Jane
I am a girl
I like to play
I have many toys
I like to share
Let’s play together

I have a doll – A DOLL
I have a house – A HOUSE
I have a teddy – A TEDDY
I have a puzzle – A PUZZLE
I have a book – A BOOK
I have a music box – A MUSIC BOX
I have a yo-yo – A YO-YO
I have a fox – A FOX.

Toys, toys, toys,
I like to share
Toys, toys, toys,
Let’s play together

Friday, November 25, 2016

Wild Animals Flashcards

Dear fellow teacher!

Let me show you one of my flashcard sets I use as a private tutor to teach English as second language to kids. This one includes wild animals flashcards. I actually love teaching English with the help of animal pictures and toys. Animals are the number one topic that can totally engage children into the studying process. After all the majority of their favorite toys are animals and their favorite cartoons feature animals. That’s why meeting animals during an English lesson is an exciting and fun event for little learners. And fun and excitement is something that makes them remember the moment forever while memorizing the presented vocabulary at the same time.

So I make sure my flashcards feature cute cartoony images and especially those created to help kids learn animals in English. I design three types of flashcards for each animal: the one showing an image of an animal and its name in English, the one showing a single image of the animal, and the one showing only the name of the animal. The flashcard with both the image and the word is used to introduce the wild animals vocabulary to students. The cards with a single image and a single word are great for vocabulary recognition and memorization activities. The activities can be as follows:

  • Showing an image and asking kids to find the corresponding word among other words on cards
  • Demonstrating a word to students and asking them to find the corresponding image among a few other image cards
  • Asking children to match word and image cards

So here go the wild animals flashcards.

alligator flashcard
Alligator flashcard

alligator flashcard, cartoon alligator image, esl flashcard

alligator flashcard, single word, English flashcards for kids

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Phonics Flashcards (Long U Vowel)

Today I would like to share the last set of long vowel sound phonics flashcards series .
This set consists of cards with the long sound u.

Cards №№ 117-120 contain phonograms u, ui, ie, eau, ue, ew which give the long vowel sound [juː].
Cards №№ 121-128 present phonograms oo, o, u, ew, ue, ou, oe, ui which give the sound []

esl phonics flashcards long u sound
Phonics flashcard: long u sound